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Have You Seen the Nokia Fit?

We’re guessing not. It’s not for sale yet. But it will be soon, and when that day comes, we’ll be one step closer to a fantastical future with wearable computers, flying cars and robot servants …

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Breakdown of the U.S. International Shipping Process

Breakdown of the USA international shipping process Every day, hundreds of millions of items are handled by couriers and postal services in the United States. If you want to start shipping your goods internationally, you need to understand …

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Is Package Forwarding Safe?

A common question that is asked when considering using a re-shipper to ship US products overseas is whether package forwarding is considered safe. Consumers and business owners that need a way to internationally ship their …

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Online Shopping Fraud | OPAS Blog

How to Avoid Online Shopping Fraud

Within the current age of the internet, increased usage and accessibility have made it significantly easier for scammers to commit online shopping fraud. This can be attributed to the anonymity that internet users can take …

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