Just to let you know that I am really loving this service. It is clear to me that you are doing whatever you can to reduce my shipping costs and to reduce my shipping risks. My last package was consolidated perfectly and you marked it as fragile which saved the box from being unnecessarily crushed by the shippers. This is the second package now from OPAS and it has gone so smoothly each time.I just wanted to express my gratitude to the team for helping me to get my packages to my home as effortlessly as possible. Thank you.
Thank you for the personalized and specific attention to my shipment. Most other companies don't have as good customer service, so it is much appreciated. I'll be sure to use your services again in the future!
Thank you for your friendly message … I am happy to receive my first delivery from USA. You are great. When I once understood right I must do nothing only wait for my order in Austria. This is fantastic.
OPAS customer service is just phenomenal!
I just wanted to express my great satisfaction with your service! Shopping to your location was easy and hassle free! Upon request of shipping, OPAS was very timely in consolidating and re-shipping my parcel to me. I am also very please in the quality of the repackaging. I was pleasantly surprised at the level of care and quality in the repackaging of my items! I also received my items very shortly after reshipment! Kudos to you OPAS team! Great work! Sincerely, a very satisfied customer!
Thank you for everything. Truly you are the best shipping and personal shopping company ever Best regards.
I must say I am absolutely and completely blown away by the service you have afforded me, as a first time customer of OPAS I must say I was so glad to be dealt with so readily and professionally via email from the customer care team. I will continue to use your service in the future purely based on your commitment to helping out a new customer who is still trying to learn the processes… Thanks again for your kind service. I was skeptical to begin with as I do spend a lot of time online shopping some of the high end clothing and accessories stores, many of which don't ship to Australia, I'm glad to say that I feel comfortable with any future orders being processed by OPAS now.
Unbelievable service! OPAS is the best forwarding/Shopping company I have ever used, hands down, I can buy from any online store in USA with amazing shipping prices and time frame to my country! the best online shopping experience ever, I definitely recommend shopping with them! And I must say it has exceeded my expectations. Well done and Thank you OPAS
Opas Team, Just want to confirm that my two shipping orders placed arrived and everything is fine (they arrived before estimated time!). I just want to thank you a lot for the support... I really didn't know a lot about OPAS before using it this time and I am 100% satisfied. Thank you again!
Just do it as good and quick as before! Thank you for a great service!