OPAS Rewards

Earn OPAS Rewards every time you ship with us!

The more often you ship with OPAS, the more rewards you can earn.
Earn one point for every dollar you spend on shipping with OPAS. Up to 250 points per shipment.

Use your rewards toward any shipment!

Activate your rewards on your My Mailbox page in your OPAS account by clicking a star before sending us a shipping request. Each reward is valid for 30 days from activation.

OPAS Rewards allows you to choose which reward you want from the following:

Free incoming photos for one month - 100 points

Content photos allow you to view your packages as they enter our warehouse so that you can verify your order. Valid for 30 days. Free Incoming Photos begin after this reward has been activated.

*Excludes Business Class per item photos or other specialty photo services.

One NO DIM shipment - 400 points

A no-DIM shipment (limited to one no-DIM package per shipment*) allows you to ship using the actual scale weight rather than box size, making your shipment less expensive.

Note: The no-dim waiver excludes oversized shipments and palletized shipments with linear dimensions greater than 72 inches (183 cm) (calculated by W+H+D).

OPAS will choose the package which has the highest DIM measurement and use it as the no-DIM package for your shipment.

One storage fee waived - 100 points

If any of your orders are in the warehouse past 30 days, we will waive the storage fee on the shipment.

One free express processing - 50 points

We will give your shipment priority for faster packing.

OPAS reserves the right to change, alter, or discontinue the OPAS Rewards program at any time.