Have You Seen… Nokia Fit?

We’re guessing not. It’s not for sale yet. But it will be soon, and when that day comes, we’ll be one step closer to a fantastical future with wearable computers, flying cars and robot servants (who hopefully will not turn against humanity.)

Concentrating on just the wearable computers for a moment, we’ve all seen the smart glasses, smart watches and other such items begin to make it into the market, but soon Nokia will take us to a new level, introducing a ring that’d make even Gollum forget his Precious.


The Nokia Fit is a new concept designed by Issam Trabelsi. The device will have complete talk and text capacity, with an ergonomic design that keeps all function buttons accessible. Notifications will be delivered to the wearer by means of vibrations.

It’s constructed of soft silicone and flexible rubber, so it will form to fit fingers of all shapes and sizes, which may be why they call it the “fit.” It could also be because it is anticipated this device will be able to monitor fitness characteristics like blood pressure and stress level, but this is not yet confirmed.

It has a remarkably lightweight construction, so it should be fine to wear for extended periods in comfort. It’s waterproof so you wouldn’t need to take it off in the pool. It’s been called a “hands free device,” and while this is accurate enough, you couldn’t necessarily call it “fingers free.”

Quite frankly, this seems like one of the coolest new things we’ve seen in a while. If you’re comfortable with putting your fingers in your ears, there’s no reason you couldn’t buy one of these for yourself…

nokia fit2

…Unless you don’t have the right kind of address to make the purchase. Companies so often release these kind of next-phase items exclusively to US and Japanese markets for testing, so your best bet is to have a package forwarding company with both US addresses and Japan addresses available for members, and that is OPAS.

We don’t know all that much about the Nokia Fit at this point, what it will cost or when it will release, but when it does you’ll definitely see a huge demand! There’s no point in waiting! So sign up with OPAS for your international shipping and package forwarding needs and use your US address and Japan address to gain access to countless other US and Japan exclusive products!

39 thoughts on “Have You Seen… Nokia Fit?”

  1. I would love to try that it looks really interesting and I’m having a hard time holding my phone so I think that’d be a great thing to try

    • Hi Denise, it would make a great Christmas gift. As we do not sell this particular item we are not sure of the exact cost but we would recommend reaching out to Nokia for more details on the release date and cost of the product.

  2. same here my hands are numb and cold real fast after my last hospital stay when I went home my whole body went numb i use a wheelchair now so when ever possible i put my phone on speaker so I don’t have to hold it i saw this and thought it would be perfect for me no more dropping my phone and breaking it. So in in plain English i would love to try this.

    • Hi Charles, this is all the information we have at the moment. Once we learn more about a release date and cost we will update this post. Thanks!

  3. That looks great I would like to try one out myself I love little gadgets like that they are so much fun and getting to use one would a big experience for me I’m 75 years young so I have to experiment as much as I can.

    • Hi Renee, we do not have that information at this time as Nokia has announced a release date yet. We will update this post when they provide more information on the product. Thank you!

  4. I think this product will eliminate the risk of dropping your phone!…as well as allow you to carry your phone with while carrying other things like coffee, shopping bags, sports gear or anything!! Also, will be hard to leave your phone behind on a restaurant table, park bench or at friends houses or cars!

  5. I’m traveling over seas solo and want to carry less bulky things as possible. This would be great for me. How do I get it?

    • Hi Brayson, we don’t believe that Nokia has announced a release date or cost yet. Once they do we will update this post with that information. Thank you for your comment.


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