Package Consolidation Service

Combine US purchases and save more on international shipping costs


A Package Consolidation service allows you to order items from multiple stores (or the same store but placed at various times) and merge all the items together in a single package. This service often compliments Package Forwarding services when shopping internationally for a number of benefits including saving more on shipping costs and limiting the amount of shipments.


Shipping costs can quickly add up when placing orders from multiple stores, especially when you are shopping internationally. The international shipping cost can come close to $30 or more per package when you ship directly from US retailers to your country.

If you are shipping overseas, having a trusted US package forwarder that can consolidate packages for you makes the process of buying in the US and shipping internationally extremely cost-efficient and easy. The main benefit that our members find when consolidating their shipments is that it reduces overall shipping costs leaving them with more money to shop.

Who wouldn’t love to spend less on shipping and enjoy more money and time to shop online?
Here is a further breakdown of the benefits of package consolidation:


Once you’ve determined that package consolidation is right for you the consolidation process is simple. Sign-up for an OPAS Account, shop online using your Personal US address, fill out a shipping request with the items you’d like us to ship, and we’ll handle the rest and consolidate your orders from multiple stores.

Upgrade to a OPAS Premium Membership and we’ll consolidate all of your purchases for FREE.

Save More through Consolidating your Shipments Today

Catherine CraigCatherine Craig

Neat service. Always wondered if services like this existed. Pretty convenient. Wish shipping fees were a tad more reasonable, however.

marinaw1125 .marinaw1125 .

Great service and very helpful with deliveries. Staff are always polite and efficient. Would highly recommend. Victoria Winterford

Jason SeligmanJason Seligman

I don't like paying sales tax from my ebay purchases anymore so I signed up with opas. Easy and simple and I have nothing but praise. I wish all companies were this reliable.

Ahmed ElkallafAhmed Elkallaf

Great Service and simple options! I've been using them for many years as I like there customer service team.

Ahmed EissaAhmed Eissa

Great Service and simple options! I've been using them for many years as I like there customer service team.

Suguru YamadaSuguru Yamada

Good service!

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Jiro  TeramotoJiro Teramoto

Excellent customer service! Thanks!