U.S. package consolidation service

Combine U.S. purchases and save more on international shipping costs

What is package consolidation?

Package consolidation service from USA allows you to order items from multiple stores (or the same store but placed at various times) and combine your purchases together into a single package. This service complements package forwarding services when shopping internationally by reducing the number of shipments so that you can save on shipping costs.


Why should you consolidate your packages?

Shipping costs can quickly add up when placing orders from multiple stores, especially when you ship internationally. If you are shipping overseas, having a U.S. package forwarder consolidate packages for you makes buying in the U.S. and shipping internationally cost-effective and easy. The main benefit members find when consolidating their shipments is an overall reduction in shipping costs, leaving them with more money to shop

Who wouldn’t love to spend less on shipping and enjoy more time and money shopping online?

Here is a further breakdown of the benefits of package consolidation:

How does package consolidation work?

Once you have determined that package consolidation is right for you, the consolidation process is simple. Sign-up for an OPAS account, shop online using your personal U.S. address, fill out a shipping request with the items you’d like us to ship, and we will handle the rest.

Upgrade to an OPAS Premium Membership and OPAS consolidate all of your purchases for FREE.

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