Lower Your Shipping Rates Today!


“OPAS Custom Rates”

Now you can lower your shipping rates based on your history! We will look at your total shipment volume, how long you have been an OPAS member, how often you ship with OPAS, your average package weight, ease of packing, and other factors. Not a member yet?


Answer Your 5 Questions

There is no need to apply for your “OPAS Custom Rates”! Answering the 5 easy questions below will automatically start your evaluation process. Determining your new “OPAS Custom Rates” may take 1 to 3 months. The sooner you answer the questions, the sooner you will lower your shipping rates!

  1. How many other package forwarders have you used for your U.S. purchases?

  2. Do you consider anything besides shipping fees when choosing a package forwarder?

  3. Do you use package forwarders for personal use, business, or resale?

  4. Do you have a personal or business blog, website, or social media account?

  5. Do your friends, family, or anyone you know shop from U.S. online stores?


Invite Your Friends


“Group Shared Rates”

Are you worried about the high cost of international shipping?

DON’T WORRY. If you are new to OPAS and have used OPAS shipping only a few times, there is another way to lower your rates. We will add your friend’s shipping volume to your own. Then we will calculate both volumes as one and use the lowest rate for both of you (or all of you if you have more than one friend).

In addition to lowering your rates, inviting your friends gives you another great benefit! You will receive a 4% commission each time your friends use OPAS shipping. Some OPAS members earn over $1,000 monthly, and others make less than $10. Wouldn’t it be nice to increase your earning level 100 times or even more?

  1. All members of your group (OPAS Friends) who answer the above questions are entitled to use your “Group Shared Rates”.

  2. Combining OPAS Friends with the new “Group Shared Rates” makes bringing more people into your group easier, especially if your group has good rates.

  3. You receive a 4% commission each time your OPAS Friends use OPAS shipping.

  4. In addition to the above 4% commission, you receive a 2% commission each time your Friends’ Friends use OPAS shipping.

  5. Your OPAS Friends can start their own groups, and you will still receive a 2% commission from your Friends’ groups. Your “Group Shared Rates” can be used within your group but cannot be used by your Friends’ groups.


Send an invoice(s) from another package forwarding company

Is There a Faster Way to Lower My Rates?

Send us an invoice from one of our competitors, and we will do our best to offer more competitive rates. Restrictions apply.

Campaign rules

  1. If you are eligible, you will receive the promo code after answering the 5 questions.
  2. You must apply the promo code when you request shipment to get the 20% discount, if you are eligible
  3. Combined discounts are not allowed.
  4. Discount cannot be combined with OPAS Rewards.
  5. Discount is only good for international shipping fees and does not apply to any other services offered by OPAS, such as personal shopper service.
  6. The 20% discount does not apply to document only shipments.
  7. Competitor invoices submitted must be no older than one year.
  8. Competitor invoices must also be dated at least one month before submission to OPAS.
  9. Carrier restrictions may apply.