Shop online with your Tax-Free US Address

Online stores collect sales tax depending on the location of your shipping address. Since OPAS supplies you with a shipping address in the sales tax-free state of Oregon, you can shop online at any U.S. store without worrying about additional taxes at checkout. In fact, we guarantee it. If you ever are charged a sales tax for your purchase, OPAS will reimburse you the full amount of the tax.

U.S. Shipping Address

Register for a U.S. address from OPAS and use it to buy from any U.S. online store. Most online stores in the U.S. don’t ship internationally because it’s too complicated and costly. OPAS takes over that role, allowing you to take advantage of all the items and sales available only to people living in the U.S.

Japan Shipping Address

Your OPAS account also includes a Japan Shipping Address you can use for online shopping and at auction sites in Japan. Our Personal Shoppers can you help shop for whatever you are looking for. Shopping from Japan has never been easier.

We will consolidate and forward your packages worldwide

You can get your packages sent to you one at a time, but most people take advantage of our consolidation services. Getting all your orders put together in one secure shipment saves you time and money.

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OPAS USA is located in the sales tax-free state of Oregon. This means that you will never be charged a tax when you make your purchases. You can save over 7% making purchases using your OPAS address.




Learn how OPAS package forwarding works to deliver your U.S. and Japan purchases internationally to your front door.



The goal at OPAS is to provide international shipping options for any budget paired with top-level service.



International shipping to most of the world from the U.S. takes from 3 to 8 days depending on the carrier and service you choose.



Find out what items are forbidden and can’t be shipped to my country from my U.S or Japan Address. Get information about Restrictions and Regulations regarding shipment of certain

The US Unlocked Card is a virtual VISA debit card with your own US billing address with OPAS

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VISA debit card