OPAS Business Solutions

International Shipping and Fulfillment for Businesses!

Are you an ambitious entrepreneur from overseas looking to source items from the U.S. for your customers? Perhaps you’re a US merchant planning to expand to an international customer base. Rest assured, you’ve come to the right place. OPAS would like to help you grow!

We understand the needs of the small business and are here to assist with the individual requirements of the various e-Commerce models. We know that reliability, clear communication and promptness of service are vital for any business! We can tailor a set of procedures for receiving, storage and shipping that will fit your requirements, and we can offer competitive rates with discounts based on volume.

Choose the Business Solution that suits the needs of your business.

  • You order, we ship to you: With this simple method, an OPAS registered customer buys products from U.S. merchants using his OPAS address. Then we ship these products to you. You can then re-sell the products at your store or on your website. Use your local post or carrier service to ship the online orders.
  • You order, we ship to your customer: This is best for a merchant using eCommerce solutions to provide shipping to a number of different countries. Choose a distributor-level account ($20/year) with OPAS. This way you can enter your customer Shared Members for easy tracking of their orders. You purchase the goods and submit requests to ship to your other customers as needed.
  • Referral Method: This is one of the best choices as it allows a new profit stream to be added to your business! What a way to add revenue! With this option, you’d use the OPAS FRIENDS program to post a special link to OPAS on your site, in emails or social media you use to communicate with existing customers or to attract new ones. Anyone who registers through your special link would be registered in our system as your referral. In this way, you would earn OPAS shipping credits, Amazon Gift Cards or PayPal payments based on their shipping activity! As an example, an interested buyer signs up with OPAS then places their order with you using our address. You ship to that OPAS address, and then we ship to them as a separate transaction. You’ll earn a percentage on that shipment’s cost. Because this new OPAS member is your referral, you’ll earn a percentage on everything they ship with OPAS in the future, not just products they’ve bought from your store!

Import Duties and Taxes

Note that import duties and taxes are not included in our base shipping rates. These charges will be the responsibility of the end recipient. Most international buyers are familiar with this.

If you find yourself short of space at your facility in the US, or think you may need to arrange longer-term storage for your orders than our 30-day regular policy, we’re amenable to this. We have an 11,000 square foot facility in Portland, and will gladly store your items for a nominal fee based on volume.

Request a free package forwarding business consultation and download the free OPAS Business Guide.

Or you can contact us via email or phone if you would like to discuss how OPAS can help your business and find the right solution for you.