Prohibited or Restricted Commodities US Origin

Prohibited or Restricted Commodities

Unacceptable items

OPAS does not accept shipping for the following items (regardless of destination, international or domestic). If received, OPAS will have to return them to the return address printed on the shipping label.

E-cigarette devices, non-nicotine cartridges, nicotine cartridges, smoke juice, liquid nicotine, liquid vape with nicotine
Currency (Includes paper money or coins, in circulation or collectible) and bullion​
Fine artwork, antiques, gemstones, precious metals, industrial diamonds, and other high-value items (jewelry and watches valued over $1000 per shipment)
Alcohol (regardless of type or purpose)
Tobacco, tobacco products, cigars, and associated devices such as vaporizer
Gift wrapped items (We are responsible for describing package contents and providing status. Gift wrap will be removed during repacking)
Any Document that cannot be replaced (certificate, diploma, etc.)
Securities (checks, stock certificates, etc.)
Tickets (event tickets, any transportation tickets, etc.)
Items that require Refrigerated Storage (such as Perishable food)
Chemicals, Cleaning Solution, Insecticide, Pesticides
Firearms and ammunition parts or accessories, tactical or hunting firearms scopes or other optics, sports crossbow, swords and bayonets, whether replica or antique
Items containing fuel residues (such as used lanterns, stoves, and engines)
Aerosol Cans
Lighters containing Lighter Fluid or Gas, or those that ignited by an Electrical Arc
Any item that does not have English marking or ingredient list to determine shipping regulations
Item that cannot be replaced (one of a kind item)
Hemp items including CBD, cannabis related personal care products
Unprocessed animal products, furs, live animals, animal biological samples, ivory
Live plants (including soil, mulch and fertilizers), plant biological samples, seeds (for planting)
Personal freight (packages delivered on a pallet), oversized packages (furniture, etc.) including single item over 50 lbs
Human Remains
Prescription medication
Items which conflict with the law, items deemed unacceptable by OPAS, and any item that may be prohibited to export from the U.S.
Postage stamps
Controlled Substances or Narcotics (THC contained items)
DROP SHIP requests (shipments to a different address than yours), shipments paid by your or another 3rd party account using commonly called "prepaid labels"
All night-vision and low-light cameras or optical equipment
Pornography/Obscene Material/adult toys
Any item that emits a focused light or laser beam, such as a “laser pointer” or range-finder, regardless of use or purpose
Personal Effects
Multiple replacement items from manufacturers

Prohibited or Restricted Commodities shipping from the U.S. to these countries


Restricted Items

Restricted items are depending on the country and the carrier. Please contact your local authorities in advance to avoid customs issues. 

  • knives

Special Requests

If you have a special business request, please contact us here. Our business team would be happy to discuss alternatives and special arrangements with you with the goal of finding a solution for you.

As OPAS partners with the following carriers, we are only able to ship items that are acceptable by each carrier’s policy as well as our own policy. To verify that the item in question is not restricted please refer to our list above AND the list of prohibited and restricted items for the carrier that you are selecting for shipping.