Package Forwarding Guides – Free Download

Learn More About U.S. Shopping and International Shipping by Downloading our Helpful Package Forwarding Guides!

At OPAS, educating our members to the best practices of international shopping and shipping is a priority. To that end, we have published these useful package forwarding guides for your benefit, which can further inform you regarding important topics like import duty/tax, our personal shopper service, and using OPAS for purchasing or distributing.

Was your order canceled? Learn alternative methods that let you order from these stores and get the U.S. Brands and Products you want. Find out today how OPAS Personal Shopper can help you get around the issue of some stores not shipping to package forwarding companies.

How to buy from stores that won’t ship to forwarding companies.
Get $100 off shipping charges just for switching to OPAS
If you have used a package forwarder in the past 3 months you are eligible for the Switch to OPAS $100 credit when you sign up for an account today.
If you are interested in extending your sales reach internationally, but do not wish to take on the added issues of customs, declarations, and other issues that arise with international shipping then download this guide and see what OPAS can do to help you take your business worldwide.
Let us help you reach market in over 225 countries! See what package forwarding can do for your business.
See how much you’ll save by shopping tax-free
OPAS is located in Portland, Oregon – so when you get a US Address with OPAS you pay ABSOLUTELY NO SALES TAX – we guarantee it! Download this 0% US Sales Tax guide to see how we can make this guarantee.
Ready to learn how to purchase US Products from stores that will not accept international credit cards or will not ship internationally. Learn how an OPAS US Address can help you get the products you want from the stores you want them from.
Discover over 100 stores that only ship to the US address
Learn how to reduce import duties
Import Duties and Customs regulations are always a challenge for the international shipper. Especially when you are not familiar with it. Download this free guide to learn how to declare your purchases accurately in order to avoid unnecessary taxes on the products you are bringing into your country.
Do you want to shop in the US online, but your card is continually getting rejected? OPAS’ Personal Shopper Service is an easy fix that can help you still get the things you love from your favorite US online stores. Download our FREE Personal Shopper guide now!
Get your favorite items from stores that only ship to a US address with OPAS!