Membership Plans

There are 3 OPAS membership plans. Please select one that fits your needs best.

Basic Plan

For someone who buy and ship smaller items occasionally – 1 or 2 times per year.

This is our basic plan and there is no monthly fee. A $10 consolidation fee will be applied when shipping multiple individual orders at once.

Premium Plan

For those who buy and ships on regular basis, or plan to ship larger items.

This plan also has a mail receiving option for personal or business correspondence and letters. Shared member option is available with an added fee. This service is primarily for members who want to allow account sharing with friends and family residing at the same address. Discounted shipping fees. Free consolidation. $15/mo or $100/yr.

Distributor Plan

This plan is for someone who is a member of a distributing business with a purchase plan.

It is meant for distributors, and has Free shared member options and Discounted shipping fees, as well as Free consolidation. $20/year.

For detailed information on rates and services, please click here.