Damage and Insurance

During Transit from the Retailer to OPAS

OPAS does not take responsibility for damages that occurred during transit from the store to the OPAS facility. Please contact the seller/store for support in the instance that there is damage from transit.

We’ve found that a majority of item damages are due to inadequate packing on the seller/store’s behalf. Often, items purchased from an individual seller tend to not use enough cushioning when packing. Since damage cases like this have been seen in both carrier and postal shipments, we recommend that you ask the seller/store to pack your merchandise with plenty of cushioning materials

Please note that it is still possible for damage to occur no matter how securely the item is packed. Major stores like Amazon and eBay can even ship merchandise without the proper package cushioning materials and outside of the original boxes which can cause damage during transit.

Transit damage is not limited to only fragile shipments. For example, it is not uncommon to find that retailers will ship out products that are packaged with extra space in the shipping boxes, this can cause products to shift around thus possibly breaking other items within the package during transit.

As an OPAS member, our team will contact and alert you immediately if we find that your merchandise had been delivered to us in a visibly damaged state so that you are able to take the proper measures to reach out to the retailer and request a replacement or refund.

Any food items, including supplements which are damaged in transit, will be automatically discarded after picture is provided to the customer for sanitary reasons.

OPAS always recommends selecting the optional inspection service and/or insurance when shipping any fragile contents. This service allows us to get a complete view ( we check for damage and inside the retail box unless sealed) of the contents of your package to verify that everything is intact and all items from the invoice/shipping request are fulfilled. Without an inspection, if the manufacturer/retailer packed the item in a way that prevents basic visual inspection, we will not be able to confirm damage without the inspection service selected and the appropriate service fee has been paid.

For further verification of your item we would also recommend our scan service (package image capture). This differs from our regular inspection service as it allows you to view exactly what is in the package and to see the quality yourself from a photo we capture at the time of registration.

During Transit from OPAS to You

Your shipment will only be shipped from our facility, once it has been properly repacked to ensure quality control. When shipping fragile items, our experienced shipping and repacking team members take additional measures to ensure the safe arrival of the package. This means that we may pack a fragile item in a larger shipping box with extra cushioning materials to lessen the chance of damage.

Also, certain very fragile items are meant to be shipped in a specifically-designed retail box. If the retailer you purchased from does not include that very important special retail box, the chances of damage are greatly increased. If you still wish to ship without the special retail box, our team will do their best, your insurance will cover loss of package, but will not cover damage.

Please note that it is possible that the final shipping cost may increase due to this increased cushioning for fragile items. It is also important to keep in mind that this does not completely eliminate the chance of transit damage but does greatly reduce the risk.

There have been reports of liquid products such as shampoo and lotion leaking during transit. This is typically due to the pressure change while being transferred by air. Damage caused by leaks are not covered by insurance. At our facility, liquid bottles are wrapped with plastic bags to protect other items from second-hand damage, but we often choose to pack such items separately from others to avoid this situation.

If you do not insure, OPAS is not liable if damage occurs to the package after it leaves our facility and is handed off to the carrier/postal service.

If the package does not arrive within 2 weeks of the expected delivery timeframe please let us know as soon as possible so that we can assist you. We are unable to accommodate any inquiries past 2 weeks due to the time-sensitive nature of international shipments and returns.

Insurance Coverage

IMPORTANT: If you do not select ‘Shipment Insurance’ when submitting your shipping request you will NOT be able to file a claim for Damage or Loss in the event something happens to your shipment. We highly recommend adding Shipping Insurance, especially with valuable items. If you uncheck this option, OPAS will not be held liable for damages incurred and cannot offer compensation.

Shipments can be insured for an optional fee at the time of shipping. In the event that a package is damaged and Shipping Insurance was selected, OPAS will evaluate each claim on a case-by-case basis to determine the amount of compensation.

In order to file a claim, please submit the following details to service@opas.com:

  • Names and Descriptions of Damaged Items
  • Photos of the Damaged Items
  • Photos of the Shipping Box/Container
  • A copy of the Original Invoice (including the retail purchase price of damaged items)

If a package arrives with obvious damage to the box, please take photos of the box prior to opening it and provide them to our team. This will be important when filing a claim with the carrier.

We ask that you also retain all of the packing materials, including the shipping box and cushioning. You will not be able to open an insurance case if they are disposed of.

The final compensation decision will ultimately be determined by the carrier, so unless there is physical evidence provided, insurance may not be covered. Another important factor that carriers take into consideration is whether the item is packaged in the original manufacturer box or not. For this reason, it can be risky to make purchases from eBay sellers who do not send items in the original manufacturer boxes as the carrier might not offer compensation unless there is clear damage on the external shipping box. In these cases, there is a chance that the carriers will deny compensation because they will consider the item as being already damaged during removal from the original manufacturer box.

Examples that are NOT eligible for Compensation on Damaged and Missing Packages (products):

  • When the package is moved from the original shipping address. (All door-to-door delivery service carriers require that you keep the package at the same shipping address it as sent to. This is because they may wish to inspect the damage to approve a claim.)
  • When the receiver is someone other than the OPAS account holder (a 3rd party). (In such cases, we are only able to help you recover any insurance compensation if the shipment is lost in transit.
  • When you do NOT notify OPAS within 24 hours after receiving the package. (Carriers require notification as soon as possible.)
  • When you hire or arrange for your own broker to manage your customs clearance. (The carriers do not offer insurance in such cases.)

OPAS can only accept insurance claims if there is visible damage from shipment carriers. If contents or products show signs of malfunction or other non-transit related damage, please contact the seller for a solution. 

OPAS is not liable and will not provide compensation if any of these instances occur and the carrier denies compensation. Ultimately, compensation will be determined by the carrier. Our team is happy to facilitate that communication between our members and the carriers but we are not accountable to transit damage if Shipping Insurance is not selected.

Lost or Theft of Packages

Insurance does not cover loss or theft for a package that is confirmed as delivered by the carrier.

Returned Packages

For instances where the carrier has made an attempt to deliver a package but the package was not signed for/or is rejected and is returned back to our facility the member must report this to our team within two weeks of the determined delivery time otherwise we cannot be liable for the item and it will be discarded. It is the responsibility of the member to notify us of returned packages.

Please be aware that our policy around returned packages notes that members are responsible for paying for the return shipping fee and any associated fees. Due to shipment volume our import fees when returning items back to our warehouse is often higher than the original outgoing shipping fee. Original shipping fee is not refundable on returns.

OPAS does not compensate for any associated fees regarding returns from Customs such as return fees or fees related to importing back into the US.

Declaring Value & Insurance

In our system, the member provides details of product value and contents. As such, the member assumes full responsibility for the accuracy of that information. The value you enter is the value that will be declared to Customs unless your declared value is unreasonable, then we will ask you to update the declared value to a reasonable amount. Please remember that you are responsible for any assessments made by the customs authorities of your country. If you choose to purchase insurance for your shipment, OPAS can only insure shipments up to the amount declared in your shipping request. If you declare a value that is much lower than the actual value of the item you will not qualify for the full amount. Carriers will only offer what is declared.  Final compensation amount will be up to the amount carrier compensates.  

If Customs makes the decision to confiscate your package most carriers will not compensate even if the Shipping Insurance is added, therefore OPAS cannot offer compensation either.