Damages and Insurance Coverage

Shipment from shop to OPAS

OPAS does not take responsibility for damages occurred in transit from the store to OPAS. Please contact the seller/store for support.
Items purchased from an individual seller tends not to be packed with enough cushioning. Majority of the damages are due to inadequate packing. Since such damages have been seen in both carrier and postal shipments, we recommend that you ask the seller/store to pack your merchandise with plenty of cushioning materials.

Please note damages can happen no matter how securely the item is packed. Some of the eBay items may be sent without its original cosmetic box. Major stores like Amazon even ship merchandise without adequate cushioning materials and it causes the damage in transit. We will contact you immediately if we find your merchandise is delivered with a damage.

Damage does not only happen to fragile items. Legos and action figures are usually boxed with lots of wiggle rooms in the shipping boxes, causing the cosmetic boxes to get smashed suring shipping. Replacements for the damaged item could also be shipped in the same way. If you are a reseller or a collector, it would not be a bad idea to ask the seller/store if they offer return options on damaged cosmetic box.


Shipment from OPAS to you

When we ship a fragile item, we may pack it in a much larger shipping box with extra packing materials. Please note that your shipping cost may increase because of that. You may also be charged with extra fees for packing fragile items.

Please note our packing does not eliminate the chance of breakage in transit. It only reduces the risk.

Liquid products such as shampoo and lotion could leak in transit, mostly due to the pressure change while being transferred by air. Damages caused by liquid leak is not covered by insurance.
At OPAS, liquid bottles are wrapped with plastic bags to protect other items from second hand damage, but it is best to pack such items separately from others.


Insurance Coverage

Please Note: If you do not choose Shipment Insurance you will NOT be able to file a claim for Damage or Loss in the event something happens to your shipment.

Shipments can be insured for an optional fee at the time of shipping. In the event that a package is damaged, OPAS will evaluate each claim on a case-by-case basis to determine the amount of compensation. In order to file a claim, please submit the following: names and descriptions of damaged items, photos of the damaged items, photos of the shipping container, original invoice (including retail purchase price of damaged items) to service@opas.com. If a package arrives with obvious damage to the box, please take photos before opening it!

Please note the compensation will be determined by the carrier, so unless there is a physical evidence, insurance may not be covered. Whether the item is packed in original manufacture box or not seems to be determining point for claim process. For that reason, it may be risky to buy from eBay seller who does not send items in original manufacture box as carrier might compensate unless there is clear damage on outer shipping box. There is a chance that the carriers will consider the item being already damaged and cannot tell unless it’s in the original manufacture box. Please retain all of the packing materials, including the shipping box and the cushioning. You will not be able to open an insurance case if they are disposed. You need to turn in the damaged item to the carrier in order to receive the compensation.

Insurance does not cover loss or theft for a package that is confirmed as delivered by the carrier.

OPAS always recommends selecting the optional inspection service and/or insurance when shipping any fragile contents. If the item is packed from the manufacturer in a way that prevents basic visual inspection, we will not be able to confirm damage without the inspection service selected and the appropriate service fee being paid.

In the OPAS system, the recipient provides details of value and content. As such, the recipient assumes full responsibility for the accuracy of that information. The value you enter is the value that will be declared to customs, unless your declared value is unreasonable, then we will as you to updated to a reasonable value. Please remember that you are responsible for any assessments made by the customs authorities of your country. If you choose to purchase insurance for your shipment, OPAS can only insure shipments up to the amount declared in your shipping request.