Package Forwarding Service Rates

Here are the details on the service fees OPAS charges for receiving, processing and shipping your orders from our US facility in Portland, Oregon. Remember to keep in mind that all orders sent to our Oregon address in the US are not charged US State Sales Tax, which represents about a 7%-10% savings for you on your purchases!

Service Fees FREE
(Package Only)
(Package & Mail)
Initial Registration Fees Free Free Free
Membership Fees  Member (Account holder) Free $15/month or
Shared Member N/A $8/month or
Shipping Processing Fees Shipping Fees Regular Rates Reduced Rates Reduced Rates
The shipping fee for PREMIUM and PREMIUM PLUS membership plans are about 10% lower than Free membership plan. Shipping fee will vary based on the size, weight, and destination. Please use our Shipping Calculator to estimate.
Insurance (Optional) 2% of total purchase price
Inspection $5 up to 5 pcs and $1 per each additional piece (minimum $5)
Consolidation $10/shipment  Free  Free
Express Processing Please see a chart here.
Item Management Fees Discard, Shred Free  Free  Free
Scan, Photo $5 for the first page, and $1 per each additonal page
Personal Shopper Fees Online ($10 minimum) 15% of total purchase price  10% of total purchase price
In-store Online purchase fee + $30
Storage Fees Packages Free up to 30 days (Maximum 60 days)
After 30 days $1/day or
$2/day for oversized packages (greater than 1m3)
Mail items Free up to 30 days
All mail items will be shipped automatically when there is any item that has been stored more than 30 days.
Alternate Address Fees  $15/order
Pick-Up Handling Fee  Packages $1/lb (Minimum $10/box)
Mail items $10/pick-up
Return Handling Fee  Return by customer $10/order
Return by OPAS $30/order

* For shipment to APO/FPO addresses:

  • OPAS charges either the cost of USPS Postage plus $5/received package or the cost of USPS Postage plus $20.00, whichever is higher.

Currency and Exchange Rate
All payments must be made in US dollars. The US dollar amount will be determined based on the exchange rates posted at the TTB rate of The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ plus 3% to compensate for potential exchange risk and international transaction cost.


Explanation of service charges

Membership fee: recurring fees for our PREMIUM (Package & Mail) or PREMIUM PLUS (Distributors) accounts, charged monthly or annually.

Shared Member fees: the membership fees added to your account to allow you to receive packages addressed to a name other than the account holder’s name. This service is mostly used when members want to allow friends and family to use their OPAS account.

InspectionWe check all incoming packages to make sure if the item has damage and piece count matches the declaration. If you need to have items checked closely to make sure if they match the declaration exactly, please request inspection. Inspection may include color/size/product number matching, price tag removal, content split between packages or other special requests. Please include special instructions when sending, or contact us with any questions about inspection services we provide. Inspection fee may increase depending on the tasks you request us to perform.

Discard/Shred: allow disposal of unwanted packages or mail. For letters with sensitive information, we recommend selecting shred to ensure complete destruction of all details.

Alternate Address fee: if you use OPAS’ Alternate Address service (details available inside your account) there will be an added $15.00 per order charge applied. Note that this is per order, not per package in the order.

Pick-up Handling fee: this charge is applied if you make contact with OPAS to collect your packages from our U.S. facility directly, or by an appointed agent.

Return Handling fee: if the merchant provides prepaid postage or shipping labels, we charge a $10.00 handling fee. If the merchant doesn’t provide prepaid postage or shipping labels, we charge our base domestic rates for return, but no added service fee.

For any other questions regarding our rates, please contact Customer Service and they will be happy to answer any questions.