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We keep a thoroughly detailed FAQs available for all members and potential members to make use of in determining answers to their questions, but you can communicate with us directly. We’re happy to hear from you!

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For questions relating to service, marketing, or media relations, our contact information is below. We respond to email within 1 business day. Due to technical difficulties with our contact form, a very small number of inquiries are not getting through to our customer service team. We are working hard to resolve the issue as soon as possible. If you do not hear from us within 2 business days, please send an email directly to We apologize for the inconvenience.

Checking on your package

Please note that the following factors may influence your package delivery: USPS online estimates may not be accurate. The USPS may misdeliver packages. Also, we hold all packages in a temporary 24 hour quarantine

To check on your package, please copy and paste your tracking numbers in the form below for accuracy. Alternatively, you can also copy and paste your tracking numbers into Google to check your approximate delivery details.

Contact Us About Package Forwarding
As tracking numbers are the primary way for OPAS to find your package, please always provide this number when making an inquiry to OPAS about your missing package. Ideally, you should copy and paste the tracking number, rather than enter manually. This will eliminate potential errors and mistypes. In case you are not aware, you can enter your tracking number into a search engine to get results for most carriers.
USPS marks packages DELIVERD when they finish the sorting process AT the USPS facility. This means it still has to be moved to the outgoing mail docks AND it still has to be loaded onto vehicles AND it still has to be actually delivered to the package forwarder. USPS does have scanners and they do scan packages when delivered but they do NOT provide this option for any package forwarding company due to the extremely high volume of packages these types of companies process. The time involved for a package to get to the package forwarding company after being scanned as DELIVERED varies but can take anywhere from 24 hours up to one week, or even several weeks if packages loaded on a vehicle are forgotten about at the USPS facility.
It is not uncommon for USPS, and other carriers to mis-deliver packages to the wrong package forwarding company because there are so many. Technically, if a package has not actually been delivered (even if marked delivered) to a consignee, it is not the responsibility of the consignee to receive that package. However, OPAS regularly reaches out to other neighboring package forwarders to try to assist customers in finding these mis-delivered packages.

At OPAS, we value every opportunity to communicate with our members.

US Office (Main Office)

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are temporarily reducing our business hours.
OPAS will be open for business and customer service calls and emails from 9:00am to 4:30pm Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) each day, Monday – Friday.​

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