Mail Forwarding

Your Own US Mailing Address

If you would like to receive regular mail, such as letters and magazines, in addition to packages, you can sign up for our PREMIUM (Package & Mail) plan and receive any type of mail correspondence. Your account becomes a convenient virtual mailbox!

30-Day Automated Shipment Service

We’ll notify you via email when we receive a mail item on your behalf. You can login to your account and request shipment at any point in time. If time is not pressing, the 30-day automated shipment service will be good for you. All of your mail items stored at OPAS will be automatically shipped to the default shipping address once the oldest one is being stored for 30 days and the shipping fee will be charged to your default payment method. If you are in a hurry, you can send us a shipment request from your account at your convenience. To transport your mail items to most countries we offer international shipping via UPS, USPS, DHL and a few other carriers.

Service Options for Your Mail Items

Besides our shipment service, we provide scan, discard and shred services. As for scan service, we scan the document and upload the scanned file (PDF) to your secure OPAS account. Discard and shred services are for free of charge. Click on the link below for more details on the service fees.

Service Rates

How to Get Started

Please click on the link below for instructions on how to start receiving your mail items.

How It Works