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Package Photos let you peek inside your packages

Are you curious about the items inside the packages you are receiving? Want to see them before we ship them to your international address? OPAS offers several package photo options for you to view your packages and contents of those packages before they are shipped overseas.

We have a package photo service that fits you or your business needs.

On-Demand Photo Service

At any time before you request shipment of your package you can request to see the contents of your items. Any of our customers can request to have a photo taken of the items they have received here. Simply submit a Photo request via your Account Center “My Mailbox” area – just select the package you wish to have a photo of and we’ll get the package off the shelf, open it up, and take the photo so you can see it. If you have a specific type (a particular view, or specific content) of photo that you want, you can specify that at the time you create the Photo Request. It can take up to 24 hours for us to take the photo for you, so if you want the package shipped promptly, please don’t submit the photo request immediately before you wish to ship your package.

Request a photo of your package

Instant Photos of ALL Received Packages

Would you like to see a photo of every package you receive in your mailbox? No problem, we can do that also. Many of our package forwarding business customers use this option so they can get an overview of what’s in the box. These are not high-res detailed item photos but the photos will allow you to verify that you have received the proper items that you requested and also help you match items/packages up with your purchasing records.

If you order multiple items from a single seller, the seller will sometimes send those items in multiple shipments and that can cause some issues when you’re trying to match your purchase receipts with your received items. Our incoming package photo service for all incoming packages helps alleviate some of those issues by letting you view the contents of each received package immediately upon receiving it into your account.

Product Photo    Product Photo 2    Product Photo 3

Some of our business customers use this service in addition to our barcoding service so they can more easily identify items on their side once they are received so they can separate and then send on to their end customers.

This service must be requested through our customer service department. Once you request this feature and we implement it for your account, you’ll get a photo of every package we receive for you (we’ll begin taking a photo of every package you receive so you won’t have to wait to see your items). Please note, it can take up to 48 hours for us to fully implement this functionality to your account.

Closeup Photos of EVERY Item

Need to see specific details of all of your received items such as closeups of the tags on the clothing you ordered? Closeups of the retail packaging of collectibles and what is in it so you can verify it is exactly what you are expecting? We can take high-res images of your incoming items so you can get advanced details of the exact condition or know exactly what it is.

Closeup Photo 1    Closeup Photo 2

As an example, one of our return center customers has us take a closeup photo of the serial number of incoming items so he can match that serial number up with the item he is expecting his customer to send him. This process has alleviated slight mistakes on the matching of serial numbers on their side.

Now you can get high-res photos of basically whatever you want pertaining to the items in your packages. This is a custom service and the fee will depend on what the photo is of, and how detail oriented it needs to be. If you are interested in this service simply contact our customer service team and we’ll have an account rep work the details out with you.

Photos of Outgoing Packages

Some of our business clients request us to take a photo of their repacked/consolidated packages so they can verify the condition of the boxes before they leave our facility. We can also put specific labeling as needed on the packages so they can be more easily found by your receivers or receiving facility. If you are interested in services for outbound packages, just contact our customer service team and we can usually work with you to accommodate your needs.

Now You Don’t Have to Wait to See Your Purchases

With our photo services, you no longer have to wait until you receive your international shipment from us in order to see exactly what is in the packages we are forwarding on to you. This can alleviate your curiosity and give you peace of mind knowing you have received the correct items from the seller before they start on their international journey to your country. It is especially useful when purchasing used items when you really don’t know what condition they will be in.

These photos can help you make a faster and more informed decision regarding items you may need to return to the seller before they start their journey overseas. Once you receive the item in your country it will normally cost you more money to return it internationally than the item is worth. This can be avoided by using our photo services or inspection services so you or we can catch the issues before your items start their international trip.

Custom Solutions for Business Resellers

If you are a business that resells US products in your own country and believe you could benefit from having OPAS do something customized specifically for your reshipping needs, please contact our customer service and let them know what you want. We can then work with you to see if we can implement that custom service for you and we can look at how you do things to help you find the right solution for your business.

Also, check out our Advanced Package Inspection service.

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