Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use and Conditions of Membership

  1. These Terms and Conditions explain the agreement between the OPAS Corporation (OPAS) and its members. The members understand that the Terms and Conditions apply to the usage of all mail and package forwarding services and to the operation of OPAS as a whole.
  2. The members understand that OPAS may make changes to the Terms and Conditions at any time. Members will be notified of any changes made through the available methods of communication.
  3. A member is defined as an individual who has applied for OPAS membership and has been approved by OPAS. Becoming a member means to understand and agree to the OPAS Terms and Conditions. In a process of registration, a member must go through account verification. For maximum security, OPAS uses several alternating verification processes, which may include: A. submission of verified identification documents and/or B. a small, non-collected charge (USD $1.00 to $1.99) to be applied to a submitted payment instrument to validate. Agreement with OPAS’ Terms & Conditions similarly agrees to the proscribed process, at OPAS’ discretion. Upon approval, a member will be given an ID number along with other member information which indicates the establishment of membership.
  4. OPAS has the authority to terminate membership without notification for any of the following reasons:
    1. Discovery of a history of membership termination due to wrongful usage of OPAS services.
    2. Communication with the member becomes prohibitively difficult (e.g., because of the member’s lack of access to a computer and the Internet, etc).
    3. A customer violates the OPAS Terms and Conditions.
    4. Any other reason that OPAS recognizes and decides that an applicant is unfit as a member.
  5. It is the member’s responsibility to inform OPAS in a timely manner of any change in mailing address, telephone number, legal name, and any other information that may be important for the use of OPAS services. If the member should suffer a loss due to outdated information provided by the member, OPAS does not take any responsibility.
  6. A member may not transfer his or her membership to another individual.
  7. If a member should need to cancel his or her membership, the member must follow the procedure specified by OPAS. The cancellation is effective upon the date of completion of the procedure. Any service provided which is in progress at the time of cancellation will still be completed after the cancellation.
  8. As a member of OPAS, he or she will take full responsibility for any information sent out through our services. Also, members will not attempt any action that may interfere with the services or operations of OPAS or damage the company in any way.
  9. If there should be any conflict or damage done between members or with a third party through OPAS services, the individuals involved will be fully responsible to resolve the issue at their own expense.
  10. If an applicant is under the age of 21, the application will require the approval of a parent or legal guardian.
  11. The use of the OPAS ID number provided to approved members is solely the responsibility of the registered member. If a member’s ID number or password is used by a third party, the member is responsible for any loss or damage incurred. The member should immediately inform OPAS if there should be any wrongful use of their ID number or password by a third party.
  12. In any case of damage or loss incurred to OPAS due to a member committing an action that is unethical, illegal, or a violation of this agreement, OPAS holds the right to charge the member for an appropriate amount of damage compensation.
  13. No OPAS member will attempt any action that violates or may violate a third party’s copyright or other rights. If a member violates any right of a third party, the member will resolve the issue at his or her own expense. These issues should not inflict any damage or loss to OPAS in any way.
  14. OPAS members are prohibited from attempting the following actions:
    1. Using, duplicating, manipulating, or otherwise tampering with the information required for the use of OPAS services.
    2. Using or sending any software with the intention to harm or damage OPAS, such as viruses, spyware, etc., or attempting to gain access to the information of OPAS or other OPAS members, e.g. through activity such as hacking.
    3. Using another member’s ID number or password without permission.
    4. Any action that violates copyrights or other intellectual rights of OPAS, its members, or a third party.
    5. Any action that slanders, damages, or dishonors OPAS, its members, or a third party.
    6. Any action that violates the privacy or properties of OPAS, its members, or a third party.
    7. Writing or sending inaccurate or unnecessary (meaningless) information through OPAS.
    8. Publishing or distributing unethical information through OPAS.
    9. Unlawful actions.
    10. Any action that may possibly cause any of the above listed prohibitions.
    11. Any other action that OPAS recognizes and determines inappropriate, unethical, or unfit.
  15. OPAS may change its service conditions, service details, and membership terms without an advance notice to members or third parties.
  16. OPAS may close any or all of its services for any reason. If there should be any termination of service, advance notice will be given to OPAS members.
  17. OPAS does not take responsibility for interruption of services or delay due to malfunction of the host computer, network, black-out, security measures, natural disaster, or any other valid causes.
  18. OPAS does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or practicality of information that members receive through our services.
  19. OPAS is not obligated to support its services through e-mail, phone, or fax.
  20. OPAS will not solicit any personal information from its members for the purpose of selling or renting to any third party without permission from the member. OPAS will take appropriate measures to ensure the safety and security of each member’s personal information.
  21. The United States law applies to the establishment, authority, and interpretation of these Terms and Conditions.
  22. If there should be any litigation between OPAS and its members, jurisdiction of United States of America, State of Oregon, Multnomah County Courthouse will be applied.