How Package Forwarding Works

1. SIGN UP with OPAS

and get your personal
shipping address for
the U.S.

2. SHOP online in any
U.S. stores and use your
U.S. address as the
shipping address.

3. When your packages

arrive at OPAS, click
SHIP to get them
sent to you!

More Details:

1. Sign up with OPAS and order your goods online using your personal OPAS address as the shipping address. (Please note, your OPAS address is not a P.O. Box.)

2. Log in to OPAS and click ADD INCOMING ORDER DETAILS to let us know your order is coming. 


3. We will send you an email when we have received your order. 

4. When you are ready to ship (either one order or several orders consolidated together) make sure you have entered details on all the orders you want to ship on the MY MAILBOX page. Select the orders you want sent to you and click SHIP.  If you wish to ship all items together as one shipment, for maximum savings, please check the box next to ID (at top).

5. Select your shipping options. We recommend you select, “Please send me an estimate,” in the Request Carrier field to compare shipping times and costs, then select your preferred service/shipping method before we ship to you. Please add any special instructions to the Special Instructions field. We will consolidate and pack your orders securely to ensure economical and safe travel to you. We ask for two business days to process your order. Shipping time depends on the shipping method you chose. 

Special instructions to include when sending a shipping request:

  • Carrier Chart
  • Insurance Package Inspection: To have your retail box or products checked for damage, please select Inspection.
  • Express Processing
  • Keep Retail Boxes: To remove bulky retail boxes to save on shipping fees, select “No”. We will remove on your request, but we will make the best judgement if it may keep it better protected and won’t add fees. *Boxes for electronics or food cannot be removed for maximum protection. Please check store return policy before requesting.
  • Special Instructions: Please add any special instructions.

6. If you selected, “Please send me an estimate,” we will send you an email with the costs of different shipping options. Sign into your account and select the shipping option you prefer for this order.

7. We will charge your credit card or send a PayPal invoice. Once the payment is complete, your package will be shipped. We will send you an email containing your tracking number, final charge, etc. 

8. The carrier will collect any import tax or duty upon delivery. 

Thank you for choosing OPAS! Please contact us if you have any questions.