When Apple Won’t Ship to Package Forwarders

Apple is a worldwide leader in digital devices due to their technological capabilities and design, so it’s no wonder why so many consumers desire to own their products. Macbooks, iPads,  iPhones, and wearable technology like the Apple Watch are in high-demand from online shoppers within the US and abroad.

Many international shoppers favor purchasing Apple products in the US versus their home country due to the fact that prices can be much lower in the states. Plus, if you’re using an address in a US tax-free state such as Oregon the price can be reduced even more.

What we have discovered over the years is that Apple will sometimes cancel orders that are being shipped to package forwarding facilities. This leaves shoppers feeling stuck and confused about how to purchase the products they want in the US. In this post, we break down possible reasons why Apply won’t shop to package forwarders and our solutions to this challenge.


Why does Apple choose to not ship to package forwarders?

Often times it’s hit or miss when it comes to Apple shipping to package forwarders. Here are a few reasons that the global brand may decide to not ship customer packages to a parcel forwarding company:

They are concerned that it is fraud

Because Apple is such a large company they like to take additional measures to avoid international shipping fraud cases (check out this blog post detailing how package forwarding can actually protect against fraud). For this reason, they may take extra care when taking orders that are shipped to an address that is different from the billing address of the customer. They also might take notice when there are numerous customers placing orders to the same location.

They don’t want to be liable if something goes wrong during the shipping process

Once they realized that the address is a reshipping facility they could decide not to ship or intercept the package before it arrives at the package forwarder because they do not want to be held liable and contacted for replacements if something goes wrong in the time it leaves their warehouse to the time it reaches the end customer.


Is it possible to still receive packages from Apple if you use a forwarding address?

Yes, it is! So, our suggestions would be to take advantage of our personal shopper and alternate address services. Both options are available for all OPAS members and have proven to work well as alternative options for when international shoppers are faced with the challenge of orders being canceled.


Personal Shopper

The way that our personal shopper service works is that you can decide what you are looking to buy and have us run the purchase for you. Essentially, our team becomes your personal shopper in the US assisting you with not only hurdles that arise from canceled orders but also with translation help and failed international credit card transactions. This service is designed to assist and make it super easy for international shoppers to buy US products.

Learn more here:

Personal Shopper Service USA

Alternate Address

Our alternate address option allows us to provide a secondary address for you to use rather than our commonly used facility address. We offer this so that if Apple cancels your order and doesn’t allow you to check out using our main address you have the option to input another address that will still be shipped to our location.

To use this option reach out to service@opas.com and we’ll get you all set up.


We hope this post provided a clearer understanding as to why Apple won’t ship to package forwarders sometimes and how you can overcome the challenge of Apple canceling your order from the US. Learn more about our package forwarding and consolidation services for consumers and become an OPAS member to save up to 80% on US products and to enjoy easy international shipping.


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