How to Get Apple Products When They Won’t Ship to Package Forwarders

Apple is a worldwide leader in digital devices due to its technological capabilities and design, so it’s no wonder why so many consumers desire to own their products. Macbooks, iPads, iPhones, and wearable technology like the Apple Watch are in high demand. Apple products are cheaper in the U.S. than in other countries. The demand for their product keeps the price at a lower point (even with exchange rates) and the company is constantly expanding its product variation. With four different iPhone models, three varieties of iPads, and who knows how many Macs, Apple is constantly raising the industry’s standards on technological personalization. But, buying the company’s products can be expensive in overseas countries. Buying an iPhone 11 in the United Kingdom costs almost $250 more than in the U.S. and buying one in Singapore is almost $600 more!

These costs make buying the latest Apple products a steep purchase that can leave a huge dent in your wallet. However, with a U.S. address, you can easily solve this issue of cost. In the U.S., the latest iPhones cost upwards of $699, and are often shipped for free to domestic addresses. This low cost for their products has people coming from all over the world to buy their products in the U.S. But, what if there was a solution where you could shop Apple products in the U.S. all from your couch and have them delivered right to your doorstep? 

Well, this answer might be simpler than you think!

Package forwarding for apple products

Package forwarding offers you many different avenues for accessing U.S. products. Package forwarding companies will give you a U.S. address that you can ship your favorite products to, like Apple for example. Once it is delivered to the U.S. address, the company will take your package and forward it to your address abroad. Through a monthly membership, you can ship as much as you want. However, Apple is a company that is particularly difficult to buy from when you live abroad. Often, they will require that both the billing and shipping address match, as well as sometimes flagging package forwarding addresses as fraud information, causing orders to be canceled. 

Before believing that it might be impossible to buy Apple products from the U.S. at a lower rate, or that you’ll have to pay a large amount of money for the newest iPhone, OPAS has some solutions for you!

Why does Apple choose to not ship to package forwarders?

Often it is 50/50 when it comes to Apple shipping to package forwarders. Here are a few reasons that the global brand may decide to not ship customer packages to a parcel forwarding company: they are concerned that it is fraud.

Because Apple is such a large company, they like to take additional measures to avoid international shipping fraud cases. For this reason, they may take extra care when taking orders that are shipping to an address that differs from the billing address. They also might take notice when there are numerous customers placing orders to the same location.

They don’t want to be liable if something goes wrong during the shipping process

Once they realize that the address is a reshipping facility, they could decide not to ship the package before it arrives. They do not want some form of liability and contact for replacements if something goes wrong. Some things could go wrong from the time it leaves its warehouse to the time it reaches the end customer.

Is it possible to still receive packages from Apple if you use a package forwarder address?

Yes, it is! Our suggestions would be to take advantage of our shopper and alternate address services. Both options are available for all OPAS members and work well as alternative methods to reduce the possibility of cancellation.

How to buy Apple products in the U.S with OPAS

With OPAS, you have multiple ways to buy and ship your favorite apple products. One is our alternative address which is not associated with any package forwarding company. It allows you to ship products from stores that have previously blocked package forwarders. This gives the freedom to shop independently in the U.S.

Alternate Address

Our alternate address option allows us to provide a secondary address rather than our regular facility address. If Apple cancels your order and doesn’t allow you to check out using our main address, you have the option to input another address that will still be shipped to our location.

To use this option reach out to and we’ll help you set up.

We hope this post provides a clearer understanding as to why Apple won’t ship to package forwarders sometimes. We also hope that this can help you can overcome the challenge of Apple canceling your order from the US. Learn more about our package forwarding and consolidation services for consumers and become an OPAS member to save up to 80% on US products and to enjoy easy international shipping.

The other option is to use our personal shopping service: 

Personal Shopper

The way that our shopper service works is that you can decide what you are looking to buy and have us run the purchase for you. Essentially, our team becomes your shopper in the US. We assist you with not only hurdles that arise from canceled orders, but also with failed international credit card transactions. We designed this service to assist you and make it easy for international shoppers to buy US products.

Learn more here:

Personal Shopper Service USA

How else can you lower your cost when buying Apple products in the U.S.?

OPAS offers multiple perks when shopping in the U.S. besides just the alternative shopping methods. Based in Oregon, an OPAS U.S. address, our personal shopper service, allows you to shop in the U.S. sales-tax-free! Compared to other states’ sales-tax rates, like California’s 7.25%, or Florida’s 6%, which can cost you at least $50 USD more. This sales tax can easily be avoided by shipping with OPAS! Learn more about how you can benefit from sales-free tax here.

Get free shipping from the Apple U.S. store 

Order from the US Apple Store & Get Free Shipping to Your Package Forwarding Address

Apple does not offer many sales or deals, but they do offer free shipping on everything. All orders will ship for free. The catch, of course, is that this offer is only good at the Apple US store.

Canada, France, and U.K. stores do not offer free shipping at this time and neither do the Australian and New Zealand stores.

How to get free shipping from the US apple store if you DON’T live in the US

The U.S. Apple Stores doesn’t offer international shipping (not even at a price). But if you don’t live in the US, you can still take advantage of Apple’s free shipping deal by getting a US package forwarding address.

You can get a US address in minutes, order from the US Apple Store, and have your items sent to your new US address for free. Once your Apple items arrive at your US forwarding address, you can have them sent to your home address outside the US.

Now is the time to buy from the apple US store

Apple products are popular all year long, and the prices are lower in the US than anywhere in the world. Apple almost never holds sales, so if you’ve been waiting to buy a new iPad or iPhone, this free shipping offer from the Apple US Store is your best bet.

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