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Most online stores collect sales tax depending on the state of your shipping address. You can shop sales-tax-free at any U.S. online store by using your Oregon package forwarding address. We’ll email you your own unique, free us address. Shop for a wide variety of merchandise– all sales tax-free. Take advantage of discounts and special deals.

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You can ship your package from your Oregon address to your home address at your convenience. Send packages one at a time, or combine more into a single shipment. You’ll never have to pay sales tax. What a valuable benefit!

OPAS Package Forwarding

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12% sales tax

7% sales tax

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Other Package Forwarders

Location & Sales Tax Oregon (0%)Florida (7%)

California (9%)

New York (8.5%)

Computer products from

Dell or HP


(Tax Free!)

$962 ($63 Sales Tax)$980 ($81 Sales Tax)
$975 ($76 Sales Tax)
Clothing, Bags, and Jewelry from Ralph Lauren or J. Crew


(Tax Free!)

$427 ($28 Sales Tax)$435 ($36 Sales Tax)

$433 ($34 Sales Tax)

iPad, iPod, iPhone, and accessories from Apple Store


(Tax Free!)

$748 ($49 Sales Tax)$762 ($63 Sales Tax)

$758 ($59 Sales Tax)

Home items, furniture, and appliances from Amazon


(Tax Free!)

$320 ($21 Sales Tax)

$326 ($27 Sales Tax)

$324 ($25 Sales Tax)

All Your Favorite Online Stores in the USA!Always Tax Free!Subject to State Sales Tax!