Order Canceled When Using A Package Forwarding Address?

Order From Companies With Forwarding “Blacklists” By Using An Alternative Address

Package forwarding is, for lack of a fancier term, a loophole. You want to buy from the US because prices are cheaper than in other countries, but US stores don’t ship to other countries because they want you to pay the higher price. So you use package forwarding to get international shipping from any US store. It’s a loophole.

But some stores are one step ahead of the game. Some stores that sell directly from the manufacturer, like the Apple Store or HP.com, don’t like forwarding companies shipping their products internationally, so they sometimes cancel orders placed using a package forwarding address.

Even some larger distributors, like Best Buy, cancel orders placed using a package forwarding address because they want to protect their relationship with their suppliers. When this happens, it’s usually said that package forwarding addresses have been “blacklisted.” Effectively, the store closed the loophole.

The Loophole of Loopholes (How To Get Around Forwarding Blacklists)

Luckily, there is a way to successfully order from the US Apple Store, Best Buy, and other stores that blacklist package forwarding addresses. OPAS has an alternate, “top secret” address that we can give you if your order is canceled when you use our regular package forwarding address.

How does it work? Won’t the stores just figure out that that the new address is a forwarding address, too, and start canceling orders again? No, they won’t. And we can’t tell you exactly why not, because that would spoil the secret. But trust us: we’ve been using this for years, and it works 100% of the time.

We forwarded the iPad the same week, even when competitors’ orders got canceled.

Ok, My Order Was Canceled. What’s This “Secret” Address?

Well, if we just told everyone reading the blog, it wouldn’t be a secret, would it? But if your order was canceled by a store—any store—because they won’t ship to a package forwarding address, just send us an e-mail. After you register, we’ll send you instructions for how to place a new order—and this time, it won’t be canceled.

So What Stores Have A Package Forwarding Blacklist?

It’s a little hard to pin down because there’s always a chance that you could simply get lucky. Your order could slip through and get processed. And even if the store has a policy of canceling orders placed with a package forwarding address.

Apple, HP, and Best Buy are three of the big ones that routinely flag and cancel orders from forwarding addresses. But it would be great to compile a definitive list of stores that blacklist forwarding addresses. If you’ve placed an order that was canceled, please leave the name of the store in the comments section. Then, get a new package forwarding address and we’ll share our secret with you.

24 thoughts on “Order Canceled When Using A Package Forwarding Address?”

  1. Hi, I’m your member, account #14681.

    Recently I ordered an iPad from Apple however it was been canceled due to “They’re not shipping to forwarding company address.”

    Could you please advise how to avoid this issue from my next order?

    Thank you.


    • We offer both an Alternate Address service and Personal Shopper service to remedy the problem of a merchant that won’t ship to a forwarder. Which is preferable depends on factors like cost, and payment method to be used to make the purchases. To access the Alternate Address, click on the “send me an alternate address” button in your OPAS account profile. For Personal Shopper, click that tab in your account. If the merchant will accept your payment method, it’s probably best to try the alternate address first. The service fees for this are probably less than the service fee for a personal shopper request. If the alternate address is also blocked for you, it may be a payment method issue, and you can move forward with PS service. Please email us at service@opas.com if you have further questions.

  2. Dear

    I want to order iPhone 6 but I live in Egypt, my order 4 times canceled because they not ship to fright forwarder company, please send me message tell me how avoid this , and please please please help me.

    I member in Comgateway Express , but they not help me , so please if you can provide me u.s address and I will ship my order to you and I will pay for you the all fee , but I want to pay through apple and I want use a us address not black listed and not fright forwarder , I want my order processed .

    please please please help help help me.


    • We can help with this — many merchants do block shipment to Forwarders, but OPAS can provide an alternate address that has often proven successful in ordering Apple products. If this still does not work for you, then we can provide our Personal Shopper service. The personal shopper always works to get the goods you want, but there will be additional costs based on the purchase price.

  3. Hi,

    i want to purchase some items from bestbuy .. 2 days ago i was order and then after 15 minutes i was got email with message” We’re sorry, but the item listed below has been canceled because we are unable to ship to the address provided. ”

    so can you guys help me to get my items ship to ?


    • BestBuy is very strict in blocking forwarder shipment. The best solution to the problem is to use OPAS’ Personal Shopper service. We use non-associated addresses that they can’t block with matching US credit cards, so this is a very reliable method to get goods from difficult merchants. We charge a service fee of 10% or 15%, depending on your OPAS membership level, in addition to the purchase price of your goods, but this is one of the only methods to successfully order from BestBuy.

  4. hi, two days ago I ordered a Ray-ban.com/usa remix but my order was canceled because they dont deliver to the frigth forwared company!! what can I do?

    • You can always use OPAS’ personal shopper service! We use addresses not identified as forwarders, so we can place these kinds of orders for you!

    • We certainly understand your concern, but OPAS is a fully legitimate company with 30k+ members. If you’d like to reach out to us at service@opas.com, we’d be happy to talk about these concerns with you.

  5. I’ve been shopping from the US since many years ago using other shipping forwarders, till yesterday I was stuck with Best buy trying to buy a laptop, my payment was accepted successfully as they do accept payments from non US cards for ordered to be sent to a friends or someone in the US, however Best buy declined all my shipping addresses I use all the time, so I’m here reaching out for your assistance. I understand that you have an alternate address that I can use, most probably a residential one, I can’t find any review on this service, The thing is it’s pricey laptop around 1500$ and this is too much more than I can afford to risk!

    • Mohamed, Best Buy is a bit of a tricky situation when it comes to placing orders — they DO block forwarding addresses, and our Alternate Address can be successful in placing orders, but this also has to do with payment method you’d be using. As I don’t want to ask details about that here in a public forum, I ask you to email us at service@opas.com to discuss this further. We will figure out a way to get you the laptop you want!

  6. Do you then deliver the product to doorstep from bestbuy, clearing customs and duty taxes? Or we’ll have to pay those seperately when the order arrives in our country?

    • Payment of duty and tax is not included in our service, these will need to be paid to the carrier at the time of receipt. In certain countries, the carrier can arrange pre-payment of duties electronically. Our carrier services do include to-door delivery, though, you would not need to pick them up except in specific instances where it is a regional regulation, such as remote locations with a central postal hub.

  7. Hi I just registered with OPAS. I am trying to buy an item from rvca.com and ship the item to Singapore but they cancelled my order. Can I have an alternate US address please?

    • Hi Roy,

      Yes, you can request an alternate address when you log into your OPAS account. Simply click on “Account Profile” in the left-hand column and you’ll see the button “Send me an alternate address” under the address section. Our team will also reach out to you via email to help with the process 🙂


    • Hi Reon,

      If you have found that your online order has been canceled by Nike you can give our Personal Shopper service or Alternate Address a try. They are both great solutions in this situation. Please reach out if you have any questions.

    • Hi LaToyia, we are so sorry to hear! Have you tried our Personal Shopper service yet? You are also welcome to reach out to our customer service team at service@opas.com to assist you in finding a solution to your canceled orders.

    • Hello,
      If your order was canceled because the store does not ship to package forwarders, go to your OPAS account to get an alternate address to try. Our personal shopper service will work if the alternate address does not work. See https://opas.com/personal-shopper-service-usa/. If you need more assistance, please get in touch with our customer care specialists. Click the following link https://opas.com/contact-us/. Emails are answered in 1-2 business days.
      Thank you for shopping and shipping with OPAS. We strive to give the best possible service to our members.
      Team OPAS


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