I was a bit skeptical about using this type of service, but I have received my items in perfect condition and at least 1 week quicker than if I had ordered the items in my own country. Great service. keep it up!
Thank you OPAS guys, best service anywhere!
I use OPAS because my packages arrive quickly and your service team is very helpful. Thank you every time.
~Hanim I.
OPAS is my lifeline on the island! I would go crazy without access to US shopping. I can get everything through OPAS. Thanks!
~Claire V.
I've been a member for 12 years. Now I have no problems getting US products in Hong Kong. Great service, thank you!
~Hector U.
Thank you OPAS for sending me health and beauty products from the US. I can't get the same products here and I love to give them to friends!
~Sophie F.
Using OPAS is like having a best friend in the US who sends me everything I want. Thanks guys, keep up the good work.
~Henry S.
My film company depends on a specialty store in Los Angeles, but they won't take foreign credit cards. Thanks to OPAS, we can complete our projects on time and under budget.
~Anais S.
It's impossible to get electronic items at this price in Dubai. Now I can get new products before they are available in my region. Thank you.
~Azam F.
I just moved to Korea from Ireland and it's hard to find the right clothes and shoes! Thanks for keeping my wardrobe stocked, OPAS.
~Caitlin E.