Japanese Saké Summer Festival!

On Saturday, August 26, one of America’s most well known and awarded saké producers, SakéOne hosted its SakéOne Summer Festival. This end of summer festival featured local food vendors, Oregon craft beer, Willamette Valley wine and of course saké. I enjoyed good food and drinks while listening to lively music. Ten tasting tokens were more than enough for me.

There are a variety of regional specialties sold in Oregon, so please enjoy shopping at online stores and let us help ship to you!

Subscribing To Our Newsletter Brings Big Benefits – Info About US Parcel Forwarding Service

Subscribing To Our Newsletter Brings Big Benefits - Info About US Parcel Forwarding Service

We believe in providing an excellent US parcel forwarding service that you can rely on to help you shop more effectively online and enjoy the big savings only available to US residents. Our US parcel forwarding service gives you an online digital Visa card that is attached to your forwarding address, making it easier than ever before to shop and take advantage of those big savings.

But we also want you to know that there are steps beyond just the basic US parcel forwarding service that can help you even more. For example, signing up to our newsletter is something that can offer tremendous benefits to you.

Subscribing To Our Newsletter Brings Big Benefits - Info About US Parcel Forwarding Service


These benefits include the following.

Heads Up On The Latest Sales – Our team doesn’t just provide a great US parcel forwarding service, we also love to shop too. Every newsletter, we’ll give you the lowdown on some of the hottest current and upcoming deals. This lets you rest easy knowing you’re not going to miss out on the best sales out there.

Special Deals –We’ll also connect you with great US parcel forwarding service deals and help you spot the best ways to get even more bang for your buck.

Coupons – Our team loves coupons, and the odds are that you do as well. We’ll provide you with great online coupons that can help you save even more money on those deals. This only enhances the results you get from a US parcel forwarding service.

In short, signing up for our newsletter makes it easy for you to connect with our team and find out all the best ways to use your US parcel forwarding service, and at the same time helps you find even better deals and prices. If you’re serious about your shopping – and we’re sure that you are – these newsletters are a perfect supplement to our already excellent US parcel forwarding service.

If you’re ready to save on special sales, contact us to set up your US parcel forwarding service. And to get even better results from it, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter. It’s a smart move that will reward you in a big way.


The Ultimate US Clearance Sales Dates Cheat Sheet

US clearance sales dates

We are starting a series of blogposts about shopping strategies that save you money. Up first, when to shop for what! In a time where Christmas Sales might be happening in November, Easter Eggs are one the shelves in January and you are seeing back to school backpacks ads in July it’s important to be aware of when to shop for what.  Use our US Clearance Sales Dates monthly cheat sheet to save money on the items you need.

US clearance sales dates

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Get A US Address For International Shipping

get a us address from international shippingOver the past few decades, it has become increasingly more common for families to relocate for work or even quality of life.  This can mean that extended families are often spread around the world, and remaining in contact can become an important time of sharing and reconnecting, even if an actual visit is not an option.

Keeping in touch with each other over email, and Skype is one thing but sending the occosaional or regular care package can be another way of keeping in touch and showing appreciation even though there may be physical distance between you and your family, there is still an emotional closeness.  If you can relate to this situation, then it may also be a wise idea to find out about how to get a US address for international shipping.

  • Do you send a lot of packages overseas?
  • Do you like to place gift orders through online retailers?
  • Do you order a number of parcels from different vendors?
  • Do you get frustrated by the hassle of international shipping?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are certainly a candidate to get a US address for international shipping.

Get A US Address For International Shipping?

The simple answer to why you should get a US address for international shipping

is that it makes commerce easier and hassle free.  However, this can be due to a number of factors.

  • If you get a US address for international shipping, you are not limited by vendor shipping restrictions.
  • You can avoid having to consolidate and ship packages on your own, which saves time.
  • If you get a US address for international shipping through OPAS, you can also save on sales tax with an Oregon address. We guarantee you pay 0% US sales tax. 

How To Get A US Address For International Shipping

The solution to shipping packages to loved ones around the world can be an easy process.  To get a US address for international shipping, you simply need to visit us at the OPAS website and fill out the application form.  We can process the information with speed and get you started with a valid physical address, but can also offer you other benefits such as:

  • Package forwarding
  • Parcel consolidation
  • Special attention and care to all of your orders and requests
  • Related services such as personal shopping assistance

While it may feel like enough of a positive aspect to get a US address for international shipping to all your loved ones, the further value that we add is a strong point with all of our new and existing clients.  In this way, we pass along a little more care with the parcels you send to your loved ones.

An Oregon Shipping Address Is The Key To Avoiding Sales Tax

If you have been shopping online from the United States lately, you know many of the states in that country impose a sales tax on transactions. This sales tax is similar to the VAT tax used in many other nations around the world.

Sales taxes in the United States can be zero, or it can be very high. Unfortunately, sales taxes are becoming more prevalent as time goes on, although there are still a few states that do not require any sales tax on items purchased online.

Not so long ago, it was very rare for anyone to pay taxes on online purchases in the United States. Taxes were usually only imposed if the only business happened to have an office or warehouse in the U.S. state where the customer was making the purchase.

However, many states recently passed laws forcing online companies to collect certain taxes. This has made many online purchases highly expensive for people in the U.S. and those who would like to buy U.S. wares abroad.

At OPAS, we looked at this problem and wanted to ensure that our customers would have access to U.S. goods at the best rates possible. To help make this a reality, we have centralized many of our operations in the U.S. state of Oregon.

Why Is It Important For Customers Abroad To Have An Oregon Shipping Address?

When it comes to making purchases online and in person, the state of Oregon imposes very few taxes. While the state is not very well known abroad, and even people in the United States might not know much about it, it is valuable for our customers.

When you do business with OPAS, you can rest assured that your shipments will be routed through our sophisticated network focused on Oregon. Because of this, we can help you to avoid taxes that you might end up paying if you used other services.

Because you live abroad, you are under no obligation to pay U.S. taxes in most cases, even when buying goods. By ensuring that your shipments will go through the beautiful state of Oregon, we make it easier for you to save your money.

Anyone who has traveled in other countries knows there are complicated processes for getting money back that you have paid in taxes in a country where you do not live. With OPAS, you never have to worry about these issues since you are not charged in the first place. Avoiding sales tax has never been so easy!

Learn more about OPAS by contacting our team today.

Oregon Shipping Address

Customer Service Is One Of The Most Important Parts Of Package Forwarding!

Imagine it: you have made a major purchase at a top brand, one of your favorites in the world. Perhaps it is Amazon, NuSkin, or maybe even eBay. Excited and looking forward to your new item, you wait a few days … then a week … then two weeks …

If you have used a package forwarding service other than OPAS, there may be little that you can do in this kind of situation. Package tracking information is notoriously unreliable when shipping internationally, and forwarding complicates the matter.

The bottom line? Unless you have OPAS, you may never see your package again. Most retailers, even the most established online brands, do not provide for full compensation in the event that your purchases are lost in transit overseas.

At OPAS, we understand how frustrating it is when package forwarding doesn’t work as expected. That’s why we have gone above and beyond the industry standard to make sure customers will always get the highest quality of service.

More Than 20 Years Of Outstanding Customer Service Makes The Difference

OPAS customer service has been growing and developing its practices for many years. That’s how we have been able to develop a streamlined and effective package forwarding system that services more global countries than virtually any of our competitors.

In most countries, our customers have many different options to choose from. Yet, people continuously refer their friends and family members to OPAS. Our customer retention is among the highest in the industry.

Here’s what you can expect when you decide to use OPAS for international package forwarding:

A Dedicated Team That Knows How To Handle Your Packages

Other package forwarding companies can’t offer you the kind of personalized service you will get at OPAS. Each member of our team is knowledgeable about issues that surround international package forwarding. We will go the distance to help you!

A Streamlined Process That’s Easy To Use

With OPAS, you’ll never have to worry about complicated paperwork or other issues. We have made our process as easy and simple as can be.

A Wealth of Great Services

We provide services to private customers and businesses. Likewise, we also have personal shopping services that can help you reduce your tax burden while getting access to great retailers. Our recent purchase of Ship2Me.com makes our approach better than the rest.

Go with a package forwarding company you can trust. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you and get started with your account from virtually anywhere.

excellent customer service

Personal Shopping Services Can Help You Enjoy The Best US Brands

Here at OPAS, our team members work constantly to find new and better ways to help our customers. We want you to have easy access to the brands you want — even U.S. brands that might have complicated restrictions, shipping procedures, and other issues for us to handle.

OPAS has worked hard to make our process simple for you, so we take on the burden of dealing with these finicky brands while you get your merchandise promptly. Our personal shopper service may be exactly what customers without U.S. credit cards need.

Your OPAS Personal Shopper Takes The Guesswork Out Of Getting Your Package

Many OPAS customers are citizens or residents of the United States who have U.S. credit cards. They just happen to be living abroad, and use our service as a supplement to a physical address in the United States.

However, just as many are fashion-conscious or brand savvy people from around the world who may not have ever set foot in the United States. Unfortunately, many U.S. brands will not accept credit card payments from outside the States.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to be restricted from enjoying great products just because you do not have a U.S. credit card. So, we’ve recently set out to help make sure that all of our customers can shop their favorite stores with fewer worries.

Your personal shopper will work on your behalf to make orders from U.S. brands with a U.S. credit card. Plus, you can enjoy more affordable prices thanks to the way OPAS helps you to leave United States sales tax behind.

What Do I Need To Know About OPAS Personal Shopping Services?

OPAS personal shopper services are just as simple and easy to use as our other services. You just need to be signed up with us and have an active account.

Because this is an innovative service, there is one small caveat: We may choose to limit personal shopper purchases to a total of $300 in the first two months.

After the first two months, the restriction will generally be lifted. You’ll be ready to enjoy totally unfettered access to tens of thousands of U.S. brands.

If you would like to have the whole world of online brands and retailers at your fingertips, work with OPAS. All you need to do to get started is contact our experts, so do it today. To make the whole business that much easier, we are always waiting for your email message.

personal shopper

What Makes A Good Package Forwarding Service?

No matter where you are around the world, a package forwarding service can be your best friend if you love to shop. At OPAS, we strive to make the best U.S.-based brands available to people no matter where they come from. Needless to say, there are many international package forwarding companies out there, and we believe ours is the best.

We want you to make an informed decision, so let’s discuss some of the ways you can tell if you are dealing with a good package forwarding service.

What makes a good package forwarding service?

1) A Reliable Package Forwarding Service Has Been Around For A Long Time

The number of global package forwarding services is expanding. However, you shouldn’t trust your packages to just anyone. The longer a package has to travel, the more likely it is to be damaged, so care is needed. OPAS has been serving customers since 1990!

2) A Good Package Forwarder Will Provide Fast Service

One of the major issues in the package forwarding industry has to do with speed. Of course, our customers understand that distance traveled is beyond our control. Unlike some other companies, though, we forward your packages right away if you choose that option, and never delay your shipments unless the law requires it.

3) A Good Package Forwarder Has An Excellent Reputation

At OPAS, we have worked hard to ensure that virtually all of our packages arrive just as expected. We do everything possible to ensure that your packages get to you unscathed. Likewise, we service dozens of countries around the world — far more than our competitors.

4) A Good Package Forwarding Service Isn’t Just A Package Forwarding Service

In 2012, our company purchased Ship2Me.com, another major firm in the global forwarding space. This has helped us expand our catalogue of brands and ensure that you get great service each and every time. Unlike others, we also have a personal shopping service.

If you use a less established package forwarding service, these issues can arise:

  • Damaged or lost packages due to misrouting of shipments on the forwarder’s side.
  • Unexpected charges and fees, such as U.S. sales tax, that OPAS never passes on to you. (in fact, we offer the 0% Sales Tax Guarantee: If you have to pay US Sales Tax, OPAS will refund your shipping cost.)
  • Poor customer service, making it difficult for you to follow up on your issues.

When it comes to getting the best brands at the best price anywhere on the planet, OPAS is the clear choice! To find out more about us or get started, please email us at any time. Our international shipping experts are waiting to hear from you.

opas logo planes