Customer Service Is an Important Part Of Package Forwarding!

Imagine it: you have made a major purchase at a top brand, one of your favorites in the world. Perhaps it is Amazon or maybe even eBay. Excited and looking forward to your new item, you wait a few days, then a week, then two weeks! With package forwarding, sometimes the wait time can seem forever.

If you have used a package forwarding service other than OPAS, there may be little that you can do in this kind of situation. Package tracking information is notoriously unreliable when shipping internationally, and forwarding complicates the matter.

The bottom line? Unless you have OPAS, you may never see your package again. Most retailers, even the most established online brands, do not provide full compensation in the event that your purchases are lost in transit overseas.

At OPAS, we understand how frustrating it is when package forwarding doesn’t work as expected. That’s why we have gone above and beyond the industry standard to make sure customers will always get the highest quality of service.

More Than 20 Years Of Outstanding Customer Service in Package Forwarding

OPAS customer service has been growing and developing its practices for many years. That’s how we have been able to develop a streamlined and effective package forwarding system that services more global countries than virtually any of our competitors.

In most countries, our customers have many different options to choose from. Yet, people continuously refer their friends and family members to OPAS. Our customer retention is among the highest in the industry.

Here’s what you can expect when you decide to use OPAS for international package forwarding:

A Dedicated Team That Knows How To Handle Your Packages

Other companies can’t offer you the kind of personalized service you will get at OPAS. Each member of our team is knowledgeable about issues that surround international package forwarding. We will go the distance to help you!

A Streamlined Process That’s Easy To Use

With OPAS, you’ll never have to worry about complicated paperwork or other issues. We have made our process as easy and simple as can be.

A Wealth of Great Services

We provide services to private customers and businesses. Likewise, we also have personal shopping services that can help you reduce your tax burden while getting access to great retailers. Our recent purchase of makes our approach better than the rest.

Go with a package forwarding company you can trust. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you and get started with your account from virtually anywhere.


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