Japan Restricted Commodities

Restricted Commodities

Restricted items to Japan 

  • Supplements, vitamins, over the medicine: two months rule,  there are a number of regulations governing the quantity of certain substances that customers may import。Among these is the “two months rule” for supplements.  If a supplement has a daily dosage of 2 capsules based on the supplements fact on the bottle, then 120 capsules would be the maximum quantity allowed at once.  This supplement regulation applies across various products in the same category. For example, different brands/types of seasonal allergy medicine and nasal spray may be considered the same usage for allergy treatment, so the same 2 month total would apply to all of those products as a group. Sleep aids and melatonin may be also considered the same category and counted as one, as well as different brands/types of pain relief medicine.  This Supplements regulation also applies to all over the counter Medicines and Vitamins. 

Stores such as Amazon have several views of the products from different angles including the ingredient list, instruction, and supplement facts, which allow you to verify usage and calculate total counts in the same category of products before you order.


Supplement Facts show Suggested Use as shown below.
It shows 2 tablets can be taken daily. This bottle contains 60 tablets and 2 tablets are taken daily. 60 tablets / 2 tablets daily = 30 day usage.

As Japanese customs allow up to 2 month usage per same type of supplements, you can ship 2 of this supplement at the same time.  However, if you have a third one, you will not be able to ship until the first 2 months supplies are consumed first.  Customs have import history, so to avoid unexpected returns or hold ups, we recommend ordering accordingly.  If you ever need to ship more than 2 months supply at the same time, we will be able to assist. You just need to add another name (same address is ok) so that importer is different. Then, you send us a shipping request for whatever over 2 months usage.  For any supplement that is over 2 months usage per bottle, we are unable to accept.


  • Cosmetics and Toiletries: 24 pcs per category for cosmetics and toiletries, only up to 24 pieces per category can be imported. For example, only up to 24 pcs of lipsticks can be imported at once, regardless of brand and color. Lipsticks, lip gloss, lip balm, lip pencils may be all considered same category as each are applied to the lips, so only 24 pieces in total can be imported. For eye shadows, customs counts each eye shadow quad in a palette instead of counting the palette as one. Beauty face masks are counted individually by the actual number of masks in a package instead of counting a box of masks as one product (Health Ministry in Japanese http://www.mhlw.go.jp/topics/0104/tp0401-1.html)


  • Food, drinks, and any kitchen relates items: 10 kg (22 lbs)For food, only 10 Kg (22 lbs) can be imported at once. This total includes food, kitchen utensils, kitchen appliances or any kitchen related items. Commercial shipments require import notification and inspection by the Health Ministry.

Unacceptable Items to Japan by OPAS

The following items are unacceptable for export by OPAS to Japan and if received will be returned to the return address printed on the shipping label:

  • Items that contain any kind of meat extract or juice
  • Pet foods, pet care products, pet supplements
  • Used lanterns (whether lit by oil or gas)
  • blades or knives except for kitchen utensils (including toy blades or knives)
  • E-Cigarette Devices and all cartridges or liquids used with them. Non-Nicotine Cartridges, Nicotine, Cartridges, Nicotine Cartridges, Smoke Juice, Liquid Nicotine, Liquid Vape with Nicotine
  • Medical equipment or parts, dental equipment or parts (such as prescription glasses, hearing aids, first aid kit, and DNA or other medical kit)
  • Items that contradicts trademark or copyright in Japan, such as Converse (税関 Japan Customs in Japanese)
  • String instruments that may be subject to Washington Convention (CITES) (such as Rosewood and Mahogany guitar)
  • Whitening strips or any whitening associated items that contain peroxide
  • Processed raw milk material (such as butter, milk powder (baby formula), infant liquid milk, and ghee)
  • Jewelry and watches (Please send a product link from Contact us page.) 

Yamato restricted / prohibited commodities