What are the things I should be aware of before submitting a personal shopper request?

Please read the notes below and the store return policy before submitting a personal shopper request.

Personal Shopper Service General Instructions

  • Personal Shopper Service is an exclusive feature of membership with OPAS, we will not process shipping requests for items received through Personal Shopper service for any US address.
  • Personal shopper fee is not refundable once the order is placed to the store, unless the target delivery date is significantly delayed by the store.
  • Personal shopper request cannot be modified or cancelled once the request is submitted.
  • Gift wrapping option offered by a store is not accepted since each order needs to be opened for inspection when it is delivered to OPAS.
  • Customer’s PayPal account information (such as name, billing address and email address) must match customer’s OPAS account information. OPAS will not forward packages if the required information is not provided. Further requests will be canceled.
  • There may be a possibility that floor model item (items used for storefront display) might be delivered especially clothing and shoes. Return or exchange will not be accepted for those items.

Unacceptable Items

  • Prohibited or Restricted Commodities
  • Prescription items
  • Pre-order items
  • Made-to-order (build-to-order) items, configured electronics, Customized items (including engraving service)
  • Used items which need to be tested for operations
  • Bidding items (such as Ebay.  We can only accept Buy It Now on Ebay)
  • Refurbished electronics
  • Sample or free gift products
  • Event tickets / gift cards / magazine subscriptions / memberships / warranties / protection plans / downloadable items
  • Locked smartphones which require a carrier contract
  • Subscription plan (e.g., monthly supplement shipping plan)
  • Items which require a product registration (e.g., software)
  • Items which require buyer’s personal information (e.g., date of birth)
  • Items which require special qualification (e.g., military personnel only)
  • Items may be subject to US Export Control Laws

Order Restrictions

  • If you wish to order more than 1 of any individual exact item, please submit these requests between multiple orders.  
  • Customer’s own store account cannot be used for the order.
  • Customer’s private store coupon cannot be used for the order (Open coupons are acceptable).
  • Gift cards cannot be used for the order.
  • Order cannot be placed outside of OPAS business hours.
  • Buyer’s information cannot be revealed for security reasons therefore the order details such as order number, tracking number, packing list and invoice will not be provided to customer.

Store Requirements

  • Store website must be written in English or support English language.
  • Store website must be securely protected with SSL (Store web sites need to show a green Lock symbol for store account page or any guest checkout cart page thereafter)
  • Store must be located within the U.S. (Items must be shipped from US address)

Additional Charge

  • There is an additional $30 fee for items need to be purchased in store, ordered by phone, fax or Email, picked up at store, or require special handling.

Unsuccessful Order / Return / Exchange

  • If store’s purchasing process is not functioning properly and if there are problems and we are unable to reasonably contact customer service to get your order placed, there will be a minimum processing fee of $10 to cover our time and effort in trying to place your order.
  • Personal Shopper fee is not refundable in the event the retailer cancels our order after the order is placed. In all cases, OPAS is only able to refund what is refunded by the store to OPAS.
  • Return will be made based on store policy
  • Store return is available only if the item has not been shipped out from OPAS
  • OPAS Return handling fee is $30 per order.  Return shipping fee may be added.
  • Personal shopper fees are not refundable if customer requests a return after the order is placed to the store.
  • It may take up to a month for the return process to be completed. The refund will be deposited to customer’s OPAS account unless the customer requests otherwise.  Refunds cannot exceed the total amount that the store refunds to OPAS.