Will I be responsible for customs duties upon receipt of my shipments?

Customs duties, tax, general sales tax, value added tax or import tariffs may be assessed by the customs authorities of the importing country depending on the contents and destination country of your shipment. If there is a duty, it is the customer’s responsibility to pay. Payments will not be made to OPAS; they will be paid either to the carrier at the time of receipt or through the carrier’s individual invoicing system.

OPAS is not a professional customs brokerage, and as such we rely on the carriers we are contracted with to provide brokerage service. OPAS can provide informal advisement regarding duties and import regulations based on the experiences of our employees, but we cannot provide professional counsel. We always strongly suggest that any member with questions regarding their country’s import process make an inquiry to their appropriate customs authority within their country, as the recipient assumes full responsibility for the result of the import process.