Is OPAS able to ship perfume and other frequently purchased Dangerous Goods?

Yes. OPAS is a licensed shipper of Dangerous Goods, but shipment of these items may be restricted by destination country, shipping service requested, and quantity. OPAS does not charge any additional fees for the specialized packaging and preparing the paperwork for a Dangerous Goods shipments, but the couriers who deliver these items do assess surcharges for handling a Dangerous Goods shipment that OPAS must pass along to the customer. Please email us at if you have any questions about these fees, other Dangerous Goods restrictions and requirements, or if you have an inquiry as to whether or not the items you’re looking to ship are considered Dangerous Goods.  Please include your shipping address city name, zip code, quantity you are planning to ship and product URL.

Here are some popular items that are almost always considered Dangerous Goods, but many buyers are not aware: waterless hand sanitizer gel, nail enamel and polish, perfumes and fragrance mist.

Lithium Ion batteries, the kind used to power laptops and cellphones, can also either be dangerous goods or regulated by other restrictions if they are to be shipped without being installed in the items they are meant to power. This essentially means that shipping a cellphone should not be a problem, but shipping a replacement battery for that cellphone may be regulated or prohibited based on the destination country and carrier selection. Please email us at if you have specific questions.