COVID-19 Updates

Please feel free to check this page often. We will continue to update it as we become aware of various changes. Thank you.

Some carrier services are temporarily unavailable:   Postal service options for E-packet and PM International to some countries are unvailable until further notice.

Temporary business hours:   OPAS customer service center and business operations are open for calls, emails and package processing from 9:00am to 4:30pm Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) each weekday, Monday – Friday.

Are THEY able to receive at the same address during this crisis? (They = the company or persons(s) at the address you’re sending to):   If you haven’t already confirmed that the consignee/receiver is working or present at the same address now, please do so at your soonest convenience.

Potential delays:   Our carrier partners have all recently advised (late March) that there may be delays beyond their control. Additionally, all service guarantees (deliver by a certain date/time) have been suspended. It’s now difficult to say with certainty, when your packages will be delivered.

Yamato (Japan only) has advised of delays up to 1 week as they rely heavily on commercial aircraft.

Some countries have suspended certain carrier operations completely, or are greatly limiting hours and/or various parts of their services. Please check the appropriate carrier websites for advisories of service to the country you are shipping to.

In spite of these advisories, we are assured that all of the carriers and their teams will do their best to deliver at the soonest possible date.

Alternate Address temporarily unavailable:   We offer our customers two different addresses, our regular main address and an alternate address (available upon request if a customer’s order has been cancelled by a retailer)

Our regular main address is fine, and you may continue shipping to this address.

HOWEVER, due to a local Stay-At-Home order, we are unable to accept any shipments to our alternate address. We will advise once we are able to accept shipments to that address again.

As an alternative, we will be happy to accept your Personal Shopper orders, so that we can order for you.

Personal Shopper service:   We are noting some changes to the usually-reliable ordering systems for US retailers. Please be aware of the following:

  • Some retailers may have closed their operations without posting COVID-19 related messages.
  • Some retailers may appear to be “open for business” but are actually closed or have limited hours that may either change the speed of processing, or prevent fulfillment of the order.
  • In some cases, orders are being cancelled after placement. We may or may not receive an explanation.
  • Shipping options may have changed and some options may no longer be available.

OPAS worker safety in handling packages:   Beginning March 24th, we instituted a no-touch period of 24 hours for all incoming packages. This was after nearly all carriers advised that there had been COVID-19 cases either locally or somewhere in their US system, and after advisories that in some cases the virus can survive on surfaces for some hours. At this time, all workers have access to and are encouraged to use gloves and masks.

We are hopeful that these extra precautions will further keep our staff safe and in turn able to continue processing your packages and requests.

Wipes containing alcohol and hand sanitizers:   We are certified to ship Dangerous Goods (DG).  However, there are restrictions based on the ingredients, volumes (must be less than 500ml per bottle), and destinations.  Please kindly provide us with the product link, quantity, destination city/zip code/country before purchasing so that we can check the shipping options.

Additional information can be found here:

Thank you for your patience and understanding in these unprecedented times. Please be assured that we and all of our partners are doing our best to keep you supplied on a timely basis, with the products you may need to order.