How To Shop US-Only Clearance Sales From Outside the US

Use Package Forwarding To Access US-Only Clearance Sales

Did you know that some online stores have sales that are only visible to US shoppers? When you look at a website, it can detect which country you’re in. This is how online stores automatically direct you to the country-specific versions of their websites.

us only clearance salesA lot of package forwarding shoppers know that to see US prices, you have to make sure you visit the US version of a website instead of the version targeted to your country. But even if you’re shopping at a US website, some of the best prices may be hidden from you if you’re shopping from outside the US!

For example, the Abercrombie & Fitch website has a clearance section that is only visible to US customers. If you visit the site from outside the US, you might see an item on “sale” for $60. But US customers could find the same item on Clearance for only $20.

How To View US-Only Clearance Sales

To see the US version of any website, and the US-only clearance sales they offer, you’ll need to trick the online store into thinking you’re visiting their website from the US. You can use Proxify to hide your location from US websites, and view the sales that they’re hiding from you.

Just enter the URL of the store you want to visit into Proxify, and choose a US location from the Proxify Satellite drop down menu. Voilà! You’re now shopping online from the US. 🙂

International Shipping from US-Only Clearance Sales

Well, now that you’ve gotten access to the US-Only Clearance sales, there’s still the matter of international shipping. Even though you can now see all the great deals, if you try to check out using an international shipping address, you’ll find that store will not ship clearance items internationally.

You know the answer to this one… just use your tax-free package forwarding address, and you can get international shipping on all the clearance items you want.

What Stores Have US-Only Clearnance Sales?

Abercrombie and it’s sister brands (Abercrombie Kids, Hollister, and Gilly Hicks) all have “secret” US-only clearance sales that you can only access with a US package forwarding address. What other stores do you know of with sales like this? Make a list in the comments section below, or share your tips with other package forwarding shoppers on our Facebook wall!


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  1. Hello, I live in Israel and would to buy 1000 pieces of clothes from abercrombie & fitch. But I cant find any email or website that gives me that adress.. Thanks

    • Lila, we’re sorry, but that size of an order just isn’t feasible. Abercrombie & Fitch will generally block any order exceeding $500 or 20 items, so our Personal Shopper service can be used for personal orders easily, but a commercial transaction of this size would not work. A&F maintain strict control for exclusive distribution, which is part of why they block shipment to forwarders. There is no avenue we are aware of to facilitate a purchase of this size, especially not all at once. If you have more questions about the limitations A&F imposes, please email

    • I’m afraid this information is out of date — Abercrombie & Fitch have revised policies since the posting of this article, but OPAS can still help you complete orders with our personal shopper service.


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