How to Import from the US to Resell Products Internationally

You love shopping online in the US and you’ve seen how popular the personal import products you receive are with your friends. You know that many people in your area would want the newest, coolest private imports you order through your package forwarding membership. Why not use package forwarding to make online shopping a small part of your income?

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Products to Import

How can you use your hobby of importing from overseas to make money? Maybe you have a small shop and you want to sell US products. Maybe you want to import from the US to give USA products as gifts to friends and family. Maybe you’re looking to import personal goods to distribute at an event or group function in your community.

Personal Imports Through Package Forwarding

We’ve asked several package forwarding members who regularly use personal imports to make money for tips and suggestions on how to import from the USA for international resale. Importing from the US is not as difficult as you might think! Listen to what our members have to say to learn how you can put your online shopping hobby to work for you.

What Can I Import?

First, think of what products from the US you like to buy. Chances are, the people around you will be interested in the same US products. Hayley in Bangkok imports popular teen clothes and fashion articles from stores like The Gap, Aeropostale, and Old Navy. American brands are popular in Thailand, so she personally imports stacks of jeans and sweaters to resell near her home.

Look for Clearance Sales Online

Many US online stores will have clearance sales at the end of the retail season. This is your chance to buy US products at large discounts to resell in your home country. Kazuo in Tokyo runs a snowboard shop and frequently purchases popular snowboard gear at huge discounts when USA snowboard shops like and Shoreline of Tahoe clear out their inventory at the end of the year. He can then sell these items in his Tokyo store for much higher prices!

Buy Wholesale Products for Resale

You can import in bulk to take advantage of the wholesale offers only available in the US. Use a wholesale directory to find the products you’re interested in importing, or try buying from a bulk retailer. These stores typically only ship to a US address, and in some cases are intended to be commercial suppliers, but you can use package forwarding to ship their merchandise as personal imports and avoid the customs duties associated with commercial imports.

Our members are using package forwarding in fun, creative ways to make money selling US products overseas. Whether you own a store or just want to help friends and family get popular USA products, package forwarding can help you make shopping a part of your income. What US products are popular where you live? Tell us in the comments section below!

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  1. To whom it may concern,

    I would please like to know what is the procedure to import US products such as groceries and what a person may consume in his/her daily life. E.G: chocolate, chips, sauces, lemonade), all products that are not found overseas.
    Thank you for your time.

    Best regards,

    • I’m afraid you’d need to contact your local import authority for this information. OPAS can ship non-perishable food items like this, but import regulations vary country-to-country and we are not a professional customs brokerage.


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