How to Get Western Wear with OPAS

Giddy up and ride into the sunset this fall. Western wear has taken over the runways this season, studded with cowboy boots, hats, and patterns. The American West has always been a romantic paradise. The wide-open range, the rocky mountains, all are a part of this falls what-to-wear. 

Western wear in fashion has slowly begun to grow over the past years and has been embraced by a multitude

of fashion houses such as 

Dior, Ganni, and even retailers such as TopShop. Western wear though is more than just a trend. It creates, in many ways, a lifestyle and entails a sense of freedom. And even though these fashion houses have caught on to this trend and have taken it to new heights, nothing beats the classic western brands!

From Cody James to Stetson, the classic western wear brands never seem to go out of fashion and bring a little yeehaw into your life! These classic western items are often hard to come across abroad, as they have only been, up until recently, popular in the US. But don’t fret if you can’t find the ideal cowboy hat in your home country! OPAS is here to help. With our package forwarding service, OPAS can help you get your hands on almost anything sold in the US, and that includes all things cowboy! 

All you have to do is sign up for our membership plan and get shopping. It’s that simple. We’ll take care of the rest. With our international shipping plans, you can shop in the US like a pro and get everything sent right to your door. Now, your fall wardrobe can only be a click away!

Check out some of our favorites for this fall season!




Cowboy Boots

Giddy on up out of here with a heel and a click to your step.




Tecovas The Jackson – $255






Cody James Men’s Square Toe Western Boots – $169






Western Hats

Whether you’re going to the grocery store or your best friend’s wedding, these hats can be worn at any time, for any occasion. 




Stetson Skyline 6X Cowboy Hat – $235





Serratelli Hexagon Wheat Cowboy Hat – $115




Prairie Dress 

Gone With The Wild! These airy dresses will take you back in time all while looking fashionable this fall!






All in Favor Floral Print Long Sleeve Prairie Dress – $150









Madewell Sheer Sleeve Mixed Branch Floral Print Dress







Whether it’s tassels hanging from your hat or your shirt, fringe is here to stay!




Idyllwind Women’s Lucky Western Snap Long Sleeve Top – $59.90









Idyllwind Women’s Stampede Fringe Western Long Sleeve Top – $69.50




Get your favorite trend from your favorite brand today before it’s too late! What western trend speaks the most to you? Let us know in the comments below, We’d love to hear!

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