ZipPay and OPAS, working to broaden the purchase options of customers in Australia!

What is zipPay?

It’s a great payment solution for Australian customers to buy online and in-store, and you can read all about it here (link). Basically, buy now, pay later, interest free.

OPAS presents a truly unique opportunity for zipPay customers to use this remarkable service to not only buy in Australia, but ALSO in the US through use of our Personal Shopper program.

OPAS’ Personal Shopper is a solution for any customer who wants to buy something from a US store that doesn’t accept your international payment method. You submit a request in your OPAS account to tell us what to buy, we charge you the purchase price plus a service fee (15% for Basic accounts, 10% for Premium accounts) and we buy it for you, using our US-address payment methods.

OPAS is working with zipPay and accepting payments through their unique platform, making a great team to expand your purchase horizons! If you see something you want but they won’t take your Australian credit card, submit a Personal Shopper request with OPAS and pay us with your zipPay!

We also accept zipPay for payment of service fees for your shipping, whether you’ve used our Personal Shopper or not.

So if you’re in Australia and looking to buy from the US, give zipPay a look!