The OPAS Friends Program – What You Need To Know

OPAS Friends Program

The OPAS FRIENDS Program has been revised! Now you can earn free shipping by referring your network to OPAS. Q: What is the OPAS FRIENDS program? The OPAS FRIENDS Program is an affiliate program that OPAS uses to provide benefits to those who bring new members and business to OPAS. In short, when you refer someone … Read more

Personal Shopping Services Can Help You Enjoy The Best US Brands

Here at OPAS, our team members work constantly to find new and better ways to help our customers. We want you to have easy access to the brands you want — even U.S. brands that might have complicated restrictions, shipping procedures, and other issues for us to handle. OPAS has worked hard to make our … Read more

Black Friday/Cyber Monday, the Essential Survival Guide! (Part 2)

Hello again, OPAS members! Today, we’re going to continue our discussion on the best way to prepare for the coming sales of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Specifically, we’ll discuss the policies OPAS will have in place for Cyber Monday, as we’ll be closed for Black Friday and that weekend (there’s no reason you can’t … Read more

Black Friday/Cyber Monday, the Essential Survival Guide! (Part 1)

Attention, OPAS members! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost upon us, and there’s some things you NEED TO KNOW! A savvy online shopper can save a whole bundle by shopping on these dates from November 28 to December 2, but if you’re not prepared, you’ll find that all your hopes for great deals are … Read more

Apple’s Next Big Event: October 15th?

As you may or may not be aware, the Apple iPhone 5s and 5c have launched today, with a corresponding fervor of fast sales and long lines to get these highly anticipated products. OPAS technicians were placing Personal Shopper orders for our customers as soon as we opened this morning, in order to minimize shipping … Read more

Have You Heard About… Simplehuman?

Thanks for reading Have You Heard About…, where we highlight a merchant that our international customers may not know about, because either they’re a smaller operation, or just starting out, or because they don’t offer international shipping as an option. Today’s focused merchant,, is definitely in that last category. They’re definitely well known, as … Read more

Have You Heard About… WOOT!

Welcome to Have You Heard About…, which will be a recurring feature on our OPAS blog, designed to alert our primarily international customer base about websites that you may not be aware of, because they primarily serve a US or Japanese customer base. As an OPAS customer, however, you have a US and Japanese address, … Read more

OPAS and PayPal!

In order to grant greater versatility, security and control over the package-forwarding process, OPAS is proud to offer PayPal as a payment method for our customers! Starting August 1st, 2013 you’ll be able to use the world’s most secure way to pay online to make payments for package forwarding with OPAS! If you elect PayPal … Read more

Shop Online at Tax-Free with your US Address

Classy, well-tailored, cheap and ethical – Zara, the world’s favorite clothing store Zara’s worldwide fashion presence has made headlines in the fashion and business worlds with their innovative approach to both fashion and business. Their brick and mortar stores often require security to control the rush of eager customers for weeks after their grand opening. … Read more

Buying Gucci Online from the US with a Package Forwarding Service

Christmas Shopping for Gucci Using a US Shipping Address We are often delighted with our customers’ purchases as they pass through our warehouse on the way to your home.  Recently a customer asked us to purchase a wallet using our Personal Shopper service. Here is the story. Personal Shopper Service On December 12 we received … Read more