Package Forwarding Haiku!

is… Poetry. They call us OPAS Some ask what it is we do We always reply   Open your life up International shipping For items you want   We provide mailbox You buy your favorite things We send them to you   Dimensional weight Constant fear for a large box We repackage best   Consolidate … Read more

Kaizen Update: UPS Service is a GO!

You may remember a few weeks ago in this blog we mentioned that we’d be getting new rates for our members from a newly-negotiated contract with UPS. Well, we’ve got the new systems online and are ready to serve our members with the best package forwarding and delivery services in the world! So, have you … Read more

Kaizen Update: Our New UPS Rates!

As you may have heard us mention before, OPAS is a company that practices the Japanese business principle of Kaizen, which is represented by a cycle of constant improvement in all things. To this end, OPAS has successfully negotiated a rate structure with United Parcel Service (UPS) that will allow us to reduce our rates … Read more

Kaizen Update: Declaring Package Value

If you’ve read any of the posts on our OPAS blog lately, you may have come across our brief exposition on the principles of Kaizen – the practice and study of a constant state of improvement. We are constantly using Kaizen to improve the international shipping experience of our OPAS customers. Whenever we have a … Read more