A Day in the Life of an International Package Forwarder

Buying Online in the US from the Far East Today we had a slew of interesting purchases come in for our customers; items they had bought that had arrived for our check-in process. I thought you might like to see some of the most interesting items, where they came from and where they are going. … Read more

Buying Golf Equipment Online in the US from Japan

Honing your Golf Skills for Spring Spring is here in the northern hemisphere and summer is coming soon. Some of our customers are preparing to be in tip top form with their golf swing by buying golf equipment to train with and use on the course. I thought you might be interested in hearing about … Read more

The Best Things to Buy from the US in April

Package forwarding shoppers don’t have to live in the US to take advantage of US sales cycles. April is the start of spring, and that means most US stores are going to be trying to make room for new inventory by offering big sales. But typical winter items aren’t the only things that are good … Read more

Buying at Horchow Online from the US

On-Line Shopping for Sales I am often surprised and delighted by the interesting purchases of our members. Recently we had an unusual item pass through our warehouse. A customer of ours from Japan asked us to be her personal shopper for a garden gate. Horchow sells this beautiful hand forged iron gate by MacKenzie Childs, … Read more

Buying Ralph Lauren Online from the US

After Christmas Sales at US Online Stores Some of our members are taking advantage of the After Christmas Sales. For example, the Ralph Lauren US online store has After Christmas prices, and on selected items an additional 30% off. One of our members treated their children to some classy winter clothing and made out like … Read more