Package Forwarding Tips: Insurance Claims

It doesn’t happen often, but damage or loss of packages is an unfortunate and unavoidable risk of shipping internationally. First, any shipment sent through OPAS is specially packed for maximum safety. This is our absolute highest priority, beyond even reducing the size and weight of the package. We figure it’s better for a member to … Read more

3 Reasons Why You Need International Shipping Insurance (Or Don’t)

International Shipping Insurance Based On Country, Carrier, and Seller Package forwarding is a safe, reliable, easy, and inexpensive way to buy from the US and ship your items internationally. But if you can’t help getting nervous when sending your purchases internationally, you can always opt for extra insurance. Since insurance is optional with international package … Read more

The 7 Sins of Package Forwarding!

How NOT to Enjoy USA Online Shopping & International Shipping Package forwarding makes it easy and fun to shop online in the USA and get international shipping to anywhere in the world. We’re always amazed at the creative ways our members come up with use your US address and ship packages! But here are some … Read more