Important Considerations When Using International Mail Forwarding Services

Whether your business is located in the US or overseas, there are a number of reasons to consider using an international package forwarding service or US package forwarding service.  Some companies will not ship overseas, but this problem is easy to overcome when you use a US international mail forwarding service to ship your products … Read more

International Shipping For US Based Businesses

International shipping can be a pain no matter where your business is based, and it’s especially hard for US based businesses. If you’re a US based business, there are a few things you should consider before you ship internationally. These things will help you be prepared for different shipping rules, rates, and time frames. US … Read more

The Convenience Of Having A US Address

For companies that are based outside of the United States, shipping can be a struggle, so can getting the necessary supplies and filling orders. Things tend to be easier if you have a US address. Here are just a few advantages of having a US address: You can easily order supplies from US companies – … Read more

Package Forwarding Tips: “Hitting a Moving Target!”

Did you know that OPAS can offer domestic shipping via UPS in addition to international shipment services? It’s true. First, this enables those who actually live in the US to take advantage of our Oregon sales tax-free option we can provide. This may not seem like a lot for a US customer when ordering smaller … Read more

Kaizen Update: Declaring Package Value

If you’ve read any of the posts on our OPAS blog lately, you may have come across our brief exposition on the principles of Kaizen – the practice and study of a constant state of improvement. We are constantly using Kaizen to improve the international shipping experience of our OPAS customers. Whenever we have a … Read more

Consolidating Your Packages from US Online Stores

Using your US address to Shop US Online Stores If you are shopping online in the US from overseas you probably are buying items from more than one store. By using a package forwarding service like OPAS you get many benefits. Of course, the most obvious benefit is that you can buy from almost any … Read more

Declaring Package Forwarding Shipments for International Shipping

Declare Your Package Forwarding Shipments For Faster Processing Your package forwarding address lets you shop online at USA stores and get overseas shipping. But before you can ship internationally, you’ll need to declare the details of your packages. So that your shipment can be processed as quickly as possible, you should declare your items after … Read more

The 7 Sins of Package Forwarding!

How NOT to Enjoy USA Online Shopping & International Shipping Package forwarding makes it easy and fun to shop online in the USA and get international shipping to anywhere in the world. We’re always amazed at the creative ways our members come up with use your US address and ship packages! But here are some … Read more

3 Ways of Consolidating Packages for International Shipping

Package Consolidation Saves International Shipping Costs One of the greatest benefits of package forwarding is the ability to consolidate packages from multiple USA stores into a single shipment to reduce the international shipping costs. Package forwarding members save a lot of money by shopping online in the US, but if you’re not taking advantage of … Read more

Get International Shipping from Gourmet Food Stores

Package Forwarding Delivers Specialty Foods Around the World Everyone loves food! And the internet makes it easy to shop online for your favorite specialty foods. Whether you like sweet or savory, gourmet foods can be a delicious treat for yourself, or perfect gift for nearly any occasion. Since most gourmet and specialty food stores rely … Read more