Package Forwarding Tips: Consolidate to Maximize Savings!

Package Forwarding Tips: Consolidate to Maximize Savings!

We have a saying at OPAS: “the most expensive lb. of any shipment is the first one.” What that means is, if you’re able to send a combined shipment of items, it’s almost always preferable to sending multiple smaller shipments. That way, you’re only paying the additional “first lb.” of shipping rate once. It’s much … Read more

Package Forwarding Haiku!

is… Poetry. They call us OPAS Some ask what it is we do We always reply   Open your life up International shipping For items you want   We provide mailbox You buy your favorite things We send them to you   Dimensional weight Constant fear for a large box We repackage best   Consolidate … Read more

US Postal Service: the right choice for your Package Forwarding?

Today, we’re going to discuss shipment by the US Postal Service options, Express Mail International and Priority Mail International, and what it means for your international forwarding. First, to dispel a popular misconception: USPS shipment is NOT less expensive than private courier shipment like DHL. There are two main reasons for this: 1. As US Post … Read more

Understanding Package Forwarding: What is Dimensional Weight?

Here at the OPAS blog, we’re always keeping an eye out for new and interesting information we can pass along to members in order to maximize their access to US merchandise while minimizing their shipping bills. Every now and then, though, we find it’s best to repeat information for the benefit of newer members, or … Read more

Dangerous Goods Part 2: The Process

When dealing with Dangerous Goods, obviously there are very specific steps that must be taken regarding labeling, paperwork for carriage, and packaging. In fact, there are over 900 distinct packaging instructions detailed the IATA handbook, and most of these have at least a dozen permutations. That’s a lot of possible variations, isn’t it? Luckily, as … Read more

Have You Heard About… Simplehuman?

Thanks for reading Have You Heard About…, where we highlight a merchant that our international customers may not know about, because either they’re a smaller operation, or just starting out, or because they don’t offer international shipping as an option. Today’s focused merchant,, is definitely in that last category. They’re definitely well known, as … Read more

Consolidating Your Packages from US Online Stores

Using your US address to Shop US Online Stores If you are shopping online in the US from overseas you probably are buying items from more than one store. By using a package forwarding service like OPAS you get many benefits. Of course, the most obvious benefit is that you can buy from almost any … Read more

Buying Golf Equipment Online in the US from Japan

Honing your Golf Skills for Spring Spring is here in the northern hemisphere and summer is coming soon. Some of our customers are preparing to be in tip top form with their golf swing by buying golf equipment to train with and use on the course. I thought you might be interested in hearing about … Read more

Buying at Horchow Online from the US

On-Line Shopping for Sales I am often surprised and delighted by the interesting purchases of our members. Recently we had an unusual item pass through our warehouse. A customer of ours from Japan asked us to be her personal shopper for a garden gate. Horchow sells this beautiful hand forged iron gate by MacKenzie Childs, … Read more

How To Get Free International Shipping Using Package Forwarding

International Shipping Too Expensive? Not When It’s Free In general, using a package forwarding address to get international shipping from any US store is a good deal. Prices in the US are far less than in other countries, so you can always save money by buying clothes, shoes, and electronics from US stores and shipping … Read more