Earn Credit with the “OPAS FRIENDS” Program

Save up to 100% of your shipping charges, and more!

OPAS Friends Referral Program

Q: What is the OPAS FRIENDS program?
The OPAS FRIENDS Program is an affiliate program that OPAS uses to provide benefits to those who bring new members and business to OPAS.

Q: How much credit can I earn?
You refer someone to OPAS and every time they use our shipping service, you will receive 5% of their shipping charges as a credit to your account.  These credits do not expire, and will be available until you choose to redeem them.

You Earned
Shipping Cost$85.00$132.00$269.00
Credit Earned (5%)$4.25$6.60$13.45$24.30

Q: How can I use my credit?
You can choose a way to redeem your credit.

Transfer your credit to your OPAS Deposit, and use it for a part of service fee payment.
Transfer the credit to Amazon.com gift card
Transfer the credit directly to your PayPal account

Q: How can I get my friends to be my OPAS FRIENDS?
It’s very easy, and can be done with just a couple of clicks! We’ll provide a special link for your OPAS account, and whenever anyone visits OPAS’ webpage by one of the below methods using that link and signs up for an account, they’ll be recorded as your referral in the OPAS FRIENDS program.

  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, or Google+)
  • Email (send them a link directly via email)
  • Website Banner (place a banner on your website)
  • Direct Link (place the direct link in email or on a web page)


Testimonial Quotation
“I am a Network Marketing Pro and have satisfactorily used the OPAS service for more than 3 years. I have an Isagenix business in Australia however there are products in the United States that are not available in Australia which I bring in for my Personal use, and NOT for resale. I have referred several of my team members to OPAS for the same reason. OPAS kindly entered me into the OPAS FRIENDS program and I soon found that I was earning a reward for their use of the system. Every time someone from my team ordered product to be shipped to Australia, OPAS deposited a percentage of their shipping costs into my OPAS account and on several occasions I was able to save a considerable amount on my own shipping costs. I have also introduced several non-network marketing businesses to OPAS with similar favorable results. Thank you OPAS for the opportunity, every little bit counts!” ~Dawn from Australia

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