Buy in Japan, Ship Worldwide!

Solutions to purchasing and shipping problems: Have you encountered difficulty trying to find certain Japanese products in your own country? Do you want to buy from merchants in Japan that don’t ship to your country? Do you want to save money by consolidating multiple orders from Japan into a single international shipment? Do you need a reliable service to receive and forward personal and business correspondence from Japan?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then OPAS’ package forwarding service is the right choice for you!

Japan Shipping Address

When you register with OPAS, you’ll get a shipping address in Osaka, Japan that you can use for your online purchases from auction sites such as or any online store! Just purchase items like you normally would and have them shipped to your new Japan shipping address we provide you. If you encounter difficulty with translation, our bilingual OPAS staff is available to assist you in navigating Japanese websites! If you sign up for a Premium Package & Mail level account, you can also use this address for receiving personal and business letters at our Japan office.

When we receive a package or letter for you, we’ll send an email to let you know it’s arrived. Then you can either log in and set it to ship, or wait until you receive more orders so you can consolidate before sending. Mail and Package Forwarding from Japan has never been easier! When you’re ready to ship, we use UPS as well as JP Post. Both are highly rated carriers that deliver your packages safely and quickly to you!


Package Forwarding From Japan Map


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