Use the translation function of your browser when shopping!

Convert the website of a U.S. store that is in English to almost any language!

“I’m interested in shopping in U.S. stores online and personal imports, but I find it difficult to get started.  I think that one of the reasons why it can be hard is because of the language barrier! I HAVE to understand English!”

Many people think, “I found the product I want, but it is impossible to change the detailed explanation from English to my native tongue,” or “Google Translate doesn’t always work properly.”

To help you get over this hurdle when shopping online, OPAS would like to introduce the “translation function” of the browser, which can easily convert English web pages to your native tongue!

At the moment, we are just going to explain how this works on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Most major browsers have extensions, and it is easy to have the translation function built into the browser so that you can use it on any site. 

Besides just translation, it’ll take almost any homepage and automatically translate it into your preferred language, making it easy and accessible for you to understand what you are reading.

The browser's translation function

For example, take a look at the website of Ralph Lauren, which is popular among OPAS members, before and after using the translation function of the browser.

Before translation - English

Post-translation - French

The figure below shows how his entire web page looks when translated into French using the translation function of the browser.

As shown, the part in English is converted to French (but you can choose whichever language you wish.

* Since it is a mechanical translation, it may not be displayed precisely in your chosen language.

* Some pages do not always have the translation function.

Check below to see how the translation function works in each browser.

How to use the Google Chrome translation function

  1. First, make sure you have Google Chrome installed. Please download Google Chrome from here and then install it if it is not installed.
  2. Open a web page displayed in English, right-click anywhere on the page, and the options shown below appear. Select “translate to _____ (whichever language that you wish).”
  3. The whole page is then translated into the language you wish!
  4. To restore the page, click the icon at the right end of the address bar that displays a pop-up. Then, click “Show original page.”

* In addition to translating the entire page, there is also mouse-over translation (a function that displays the translated text when you move the mouse over the word you want to translate), so check the extended parts of the Google Chrome Web Store for details. Please. 

How to use the translation function of Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is just as easy to set up as Chrome. If it is not installed, download Microsoft Edge from here and install it.

  1. Right-click inside the English web page and click “Translate to ____ (whichever language you wish)” from the menu (see the figure below). This converts the translatable parts on the page to the language.

* However, this is displayed only when your browser setting language is in the set language.

  1. Also, if you want to convert only the selected part to the lang, select the range you want to translate by dragging the mouse and selecting “Translate selected range to said the language” from the right-click menu, and the content is translated.

*Translate range to language” is displayed when the browser’s language setting is the language of your choosing.

It is beneficial not only for those who have given up because they feel stressed but also for those who are shopping while looking up unknown English words.

When shopping, you can easily understand the payment and shipping conditions unique to the store that you want to buy from in advance!