The Blocklist: Stores that Don’t Ship to Package Forwarding Companies

Ordering from Stores That Do Not Ship to Freight Forwarders

Package forwarding gives you international shipping from any US store. But to protect their relationships with manufacturers, some US stores don’t ship to forwarding companies, or “freight forwarders.”

These stores simply cancel your order if you use an address from a forwarding company.

It is frustrating to have your order gets canceled. You spend time browsing the store’s website, filling out their online order forms, entering your billing information, and waiting for your order to ship, only to see your order canceled a few days after placing it.

How can you know whether or not a store will ship to your package forwarding address before you place an order?

We developed a list of stores that cancel customer orders if the shipping address is recognizable as an international package forwarding company.  The Blocklist is downloadable by clicking on the button at the end of this post.

How to Order

Right now, there are two ways you can order from the stores above using your package forwarding address:

  1. Use a Personal Shopper
    Personal Shopper service is built into your package forwarding account. If an account with OPAS, log in to your account and fill out a Personal Shopper request form. List what store you want to buy from and what items you want, and your Personal Shopper will buy the items for you. Your Personal Shopper will buy the products directly, your order will go through without fail, 100% of the time.
  2. Use an Alternate Address
    OPAS is the only forwarding company that offers an alternate address that you can use if your order cancels. After you register, we’ll send you instructions on how to place a new order using the alternate address. The alternate address isn’t recognizable, and the store will accept your order.

If you don’t already have one, get a US package forwarding address now.


8 thoughts on “The Blocklist: Stores that Don’t Ship to Package Forwarding Companies”

    • Our Personal Shopper service may be the solution you require. We can complete these purchases based on what you’d like for us to order, we charge you the merchandise cost and a service fee, and then ship to you as a separate transaction. You can sign up at to get an address with OPAS and to access personal shopper.

    • Target can be especially tricky as far as blocking orders goes. The best recommendation is to use OPAS’ personal shopper service.

    • Supreme is definitely a merchant that is particular about shipping to forwarders, they may block based on the address, but OPAS’ Personal Shopper service can provide a solution to the problem. With Personal Shopper, you submit an order through our website, we complete the purchase for you using our company credit cards and non-associated addresses, and add it to your mailbox like any other package. You’d pay us the purchase price and a service fee, based on membership level, 15% for basic accounts, 10% for premium accounts.

  1. now apple stores are closed so personal pickup won’t work, is there a option to still get packages from them to OPAS adress


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