Almost every day there is a new item in the news about escalating state sales taxes. Today, for example there was a piece about a new bill in the senate that will require shoppers to pay states sales tax on purchases made from online retailers like and Accoding to the Chicago Tribune, Indiana’s retail lobby is pushing for the same thing. And it was just last month that Illinois passed a law requiring online retailers to collect sales tax in their state.

avoid sales taxBut clever shoppers have a way to avoid sales tax altogether, no matter what state they live in.

Believe it or not, a few states have no sales tax at all, and no plans to change. Oregon, for example, has zero sales tax. By using a package forwarding service in Oregon, savvy shoppers can purchase their items tax-free, then forward them to their home states, avoiding sales tax completely (and completly legally).

Two Strategies to Avoid Sales Tax:

  1. Purchase High-Value Items. The quickest and easiest way to save money by avoiding sales tax is to purchase high-value items. Computers, mobile phones, & electronics; clothing, shoes, & jewelry; home furnishings & minor appliances are some of the items most likely to make your tax-free savings add up quickly.
  2. Consolidate Multiple Items. Even if you’re not planning any large purchases, you can still use package forwarding to save money by avoiding sales tax. Most people make hundreds of dollars in purchases each month, and thousands each year. Items that may cost only $20 or $30 quickly add up. Think about items you buy regularly, like household, bath, & kitchen products. You can buy these items one at a time, store them at the forwarding address, and then forward them to your state when you’re ready. Or, try buying in bulk from warehouse stores!

Who saves the most?

The states with the highest sales taxes are:

  • Illinois (11.5%)
  • California (10.75%)
  • Arizona (10.6%)

No matter what state you live in, you can avoid sales tax and save money when you shop online. What state do you live in and how much could you save using package forwarding from Oregon?

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