Spooky Season is Here!

Celebrate Halloween Wherever You Are with Your Favorite Package Forwarding Service.

Halloween is an age-old holiday, Originating with the druids of the British Isles, the holiday celebrates the annual harvesting time. The modern take on this holiday is quite different than what it originally started as. Today, the holiday is for both children and adults alike. Each year, we all dress up in our costumes, whatever they may be, and celebrate everything spooky.

As we have officially started the autumn season and with it comes the first holiday of the season: Halloween. Halloween is a holiday that celebrates everything spooky. Kids dress up in their costumes to go trick-or-treating and adults do the same, but for parties rather than candy. 


Even though Halloween is a US holiday, the event of dressing up is popular worldwide for all age ranges. Costumes are tricky to come across in other parts of the world and can leave quite a dent in your wallet. However, with OPAS, you can find the perfect costume, at an affordable cost! We offer shipping from a wide range of costume providers, from amazon.com to spirithalloween.com!

Rubie’s Star Wars The Mandalorian Beskar Armor (Amazon.com) $55 USD

Disney Disguise Toy Story Men’s Buzz Lightyear (Amazon.com) – $45 USD


Squid Game Costume Squid Game Cosplay Jumpsuit Squid Game Mask (Amazon.com)– $37 USD


Spooky Decor

Another way people often celebrate the Halloween season is by decorating their homes with different types of festive, spooky props. From cobwebs to the Grime Reaper, nothing is off-limits as long as it is spooky!

6 Ft. Grim Animatronic (spirithalloween.com) –  $209 USD

6.3 Ft Twisty the Clown Static Prop Decorations American Horror Story (spirithalloween.com) –  $308 USD


The jack-o-lantern is the most iconic of the Halloween decor and people create it at home with carving tools. In the USA, the tradition of going out to the pumpkin patch and picking the biggest one you find. People will carve anything in them from unique designs to the classic, ominous smile! The sky is the limit with a jack-o-lantern!

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit, Pumpkin Carving Kit (Amazon.com) – $16.99 USD

The Treats in Trick-Or-Treats

And just like the costumes, Halloween wouldn’t be complete without candy! As kids go from door to door, they knock on them and hope that they’ll receive their favorite candies. Some of the classic candies that we associate with Halloween are Candy Corn, Bit-o-Honey, Butterfingers, and so much more. There’s no such thing as too much sugar on Halloween! 




OPAS, allows you to get whatever you need for the Halloween season, wherever you are! Our reliable package forwarding service can get you the things that you need in a timely manner. Simply sign-up, and begin shopping! We’ll take care of the rest. Ordering earlier is the best way to ensure that your goods will arrive before the 31st of October. We suggest ordering before the 8th of October so that way your Halloween can be everything you want but without the spookiness of stress!



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