Package Forwarding Guide for eBay

eBay is the perfect source for all unique things. Well, uniqueness might not be the only thing that people sell on one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world, but you can almost certainly find almost anything that you need on the website. From a vintage leather jacket straight from 1962 to dazzling Disney Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree, eBay has it all. eBay works as both a platform for sellers to sell new and used items and you the seller can either place the product as a bidding offer or as an instantaneous buy it now.

Since eBay has a large portion of its sellers selling items that are second-hand (items that are used or not in original packaging), there are certain details to which we need to pay special attention so we don’t end up with stained white t-shirts, broken toys, or mispackaged fragile items. eBay can be a tricky place to navigate and what you see online when you are ordering is not always exactly what you are getting. Here at OPAS, we try our best to ensure that your items arrive safely to you and that they are exactly what you wanted and expected. We provide services that are unique to our company that can help you verify and ensure your items are exactly what you ordered. Below, we’ll let you in on some ways that can help you make sure that the “lightly worn leather jacket” is lightly worn and give you some peace of mind when shipping on eBay!

How to Ensure That eBay’s Used Products Are What You’re Expecting


Whether you are buying something new or used on eBay, it’s important to pay attention to the details. When arriving on the product’s page, you should first and foremost check the item’s condition. The condition will be given above the price of the item with terms like “good,” “new without tags,” “used,” etc.


When ordering on eBay, it is important to verify that the seller of the item is based in the USA. You can ensure that the seller is based in the USA by taking a look at the currency. If the offering price is US dollars, then the seller is in the USA. However, if the pricing is in, let’s say, Australian dollars, then that seller is in Australia. OPAS can still receive these packages, however, the transit time will possibly take longer since the item is considered an import into the USA.  Import duties and taxes may need to be paid for any items coming from other countries.

Return Policy

Make sure to check the return policy so that you are fully aware of what exactly the seller’s policies are when returning an item and how long you have to change your mind or if there is something that doesn’t exactly match what you expected. Make sure to also read the full details of the seller’s returns. You’ll find the extended version of the returns by clicking on the “full details” link in the return section.

Seller Information and Feedback

It may not seem like something important to check, however, oftentimes checking the seller’s information and reviews is something that should be noted when making any purchases of eBay. Do they ship on time? Are they responsive? Do they seller items honestly? These are all questions that can be answered when looking at the seller’s information and reviews. Equally, if you have any questions or concerns about the item that you wish to buy, contacting the seller is important to ensure that you aren’t left wondering what exactly you have ordered. You can also contact the seller for specific instructions on how to send the item.  For example, if you are ordering fragile items, you can request to pack the fragile item in the original retail box that fits perfectly.


Shipping varies from seller to seller. Some have free shipping, while others charge for expedited shipping. When ordering a product through eBay, it’s important to understand the timeframe of how long it will ship, What the charge will be, and where it’s shipping from. Let’s say that this, which is being sent from Michigan to our Oregon facilities, and the shipping is expedited. With these factors in mind, it would most likely take about a week for the item to reach our facilities. However, this is not guaranteed, as recently many delivery services, like FedEx and USPS,  have become slow due to various factors and reasons. It’s always important to make sure there is plenty of time between when you order and when you wish to expect the item. 


One of the most important factors when buying off of eBay is to read the item’s description. The description section will often provide detail about the product such as, if there is anything broken, torn, stained, etc. The seller will detail out what you should expect when ordering their item and make sure that you are given full transparency when buying. 

You can find the description section by scrolling down the page. In the description, you will find the condition of the item, where it was manufactured, if it is in or out of the box, how it will be shipped, the quality of the item, and the seller’s notes. It is CRUCIAL these are read before any purchase so that you can be sure that your expectation is correct.

Resolution Center

In case if there is an unexpected situation and you need to resolve an issue with the seller, this is a feature you can contact the seller within your eBay account.  It’s monitored by eBay, so this is the best way to communicate with the seller to ensure that you are getting the most honest service from the seller you wish to buy from. 

How OPAS Tries to Help You Have Peace of Mind When Shipping

We understand that shipping items can be stressful, and sometimes the added layer of not knowing exactly what you’re getting can be too much. OPAS offers multiple on-site services that can help you insure what you want is what you’re getting. Inspection services, detailed photos, scanning services, and shipping insurance all can be purchased through our membership plans. These services are to equip you with the necessary measures so that if there are any problems or mishaps, they can be resolved before the package arrives at your door. 

What We Offer

Inspection Services:

We do simple inspections of all incoming packages that we receive. This FREE simple inspection checks if there is any major damage to the item upon arrival. If we deem it damaged, we will upload to your “My Mailbox” a photo of the item with notes of what our trusted packaging team thinks is wrong with the item. At the time of receiving your package, we will provide a brief, detailed description of the item to ensure that what we see is what you wanted. We also provide our customers, if requested, with an advanced inspection that verifies multiple different details of the product extensively. Please refer to service rates here.

Scan Services and Detailed Photos:

Once the package is delivered to OPAS, you can send us a scan request. Please refer to On-Demand Photo Service.  When requested, we can provide you with a detailed photo of the item that has been shipped to our facility. With a detailed photo, you will be able to see and verify that what you got is what you received. We highly recommend using our photo services when buying things from eBay or when buying from third-party sellers.  For more information, please refer to service rates here.

Shipping Insurance:

Even though you may have verified everything and ensured that what you are receiving is what you are getting, there are still things that can go wrong. That’s why we recommend getting shipping insurance so that your item is always covered. With eBay, you can buy shipping insurance which can be found here. This can give you peace of mind that no matter what happens, your item will be covered if damaged or lost from the seller to our facilities.

We always want to ensure that your packages arrive at your door safely and unharmed. eBay is an amazing place to find unique items that are truly one of a kind but sometimes there needs to be paid special attention to the items you want. With OPAS, we try to ensure that what leaves our facilities is exactly what you expect. When using eBay to purchase your dream items, it’s important to keep in mind these specifics as well as the services so that way you do not need to worry throughout your international shopping experience. With these tips in mind, you should be able to shop on eBay like a pro all while having peace of mind! Don’t forget to check your countries import regulations before buying and safe shopping!

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