OPAS Shipping Rates – Let’s take a look at the carrier options you have with OPAS!

OPAS Shipping Rates – Let’s take a look at the carrier options you have with OPAS!OPAS is careful to only ally with the best of the best, the companies that have displayed a long history of excellence and are at the forefront of their industry when it comes to innovation, improvement, and execution. To make sure you get the best OPAS shipping rates and quality, we work with the following carriers:


Our primary provider for international logistics, UPS’ distinct brown vans and trucks with the recognizable yellow UPS shield are a very common site in the US. Their service is second to none, with particular detail paid to providing prompt and easy support. OPAS has negotiated a particularly strong contract with UPS, so you’ll see we can provide the best rates to you with UPS for almost all destinations we serve. Their compliance services are focused on ease of clearance, so you can be sure your packages won’t get stuck in customs, and if they do have issues with clearance their communication is prompt and clear to help resolve the issue. Ship confidently with UPS, and enjoy the savings our strong rates provide!


Like UPS, FedEx offers multi-tiered service (Priority and Economy) and they have a similarly strong track record. We’ve only recently begun offering service with FedEx, but our decision to pursue a contract for their service was based on frequent demands from many of our members, so let that be a rousing endorsement of their services in international package forwarding!


A relative newcomer to international shipping service (in that they’ve only been in business for about 45 years, as opposed to 75+, like UPS) this German company has gained a reputation for strong service. Of particular note is that the parcel service OPAS uses with them, DHL Worldwide Express, has no size limit for parcels. If you’re looking to ship something particularly large and would like to avoid the long transit time and brokerage issues of freight shipping, then DHL would be the best choice for that.


A household name in Japan, Yamato provides premium service to that market exclusively. They have very strong brand recognition as a company with first-rate service and support. OPAS is one of the few forwarding companies to offer service with Yamato and we can do so at excellent rates, especially on smaller shipments. These rates often are less expensive than the rates offered by UPS. One note is that our contract with Yamato specifically is for personal import service – if you are ordering commercial volume quantities of goods or goods purposed for re-sale, you should select another option. Yamato is also very strict in observing the oft-complicated regulations that Japan’s government sets for import, so this has led to some very specific “best practices” for using their service easily and efficiently. You can email us at service@opas.com if you have questions about these practices.

US Postal Service:

We do conduct shipping with USPS, but only by their Priority Mail International and Priority Mail Express options. Lower-grade postage services like First Class either have weight restrictions that make them unappealing to our members or simply are too unreliable for the exacting standards that OPAS requires of our logistics providers. One point to keep in mind is that USPS does not calculate dimensional weight in determining shipping cost, so if you have a lightweight, large object to ship, they may be the best choice for you as long as the goods can be packaged within their size restrictions. You can always request an estimate from OPAS to see if eliminating dimensional weight would be a profitable choice for your shipment – USPS can’t match the delivery speed or tracking accuracy of any of the private companies we’ve listed above, and their rates are higher on a per-lb. basis than our private carrier rates. Also, final delivery will be handled by the local postal authority in your country, so this is something to bear in mind for those members in countries where the postal service is less organized and less reliable.


To summarize, our highest priority is ensuring that you find the best fit for your shipping needs. Our rates with UPS are the best we can offer, but it may be that you prefer FedEx based on their individual strength within your country. If you’re looking to ship very large items without the hassle of freight forwarding, then DHL would be the best choice, and if your items have considerable dimensional overage then USPS would be best, as long as they fit within the size restrictions for your country.

If you have any questions about the carriers OPAS uses or their specific regulations and details of their service, please send us an email at service@opas.com!


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