OPAS Members In The UK Can Get Big Savings By Shopping US Sales And Stores!

It’s no big secret that Americans love to shop. Shopping US sales is a favorite past time of many moms and families. The plethora of stores and retail companies based in the country showcase that fully, and when you combine that number of shopping options with the huge events that take place throughout the year, it’s hard to argue that when it comes to shopping, America is the king. The UK is no slouch, either, and a lot of the same stores are available in the UK that are present in the US.

UK shoppers have found time and time again that shopping US sales and stores can net them some tremendous savings.

There are plenty of reasons for this, including:

  • More stores means more opportunity to shop around. When you’re able to compare prices as you shop, you’ll end up getting deeper discounts and be able to find the right prices every time.
  • Many prices are lower in the US due to various reasons ranging from supply and demand to shipping or logistics issues and more. In other words, you save a tremendous amount of money thanks to basic elements that go on behind the scenes.
  • The US is also home to a huge number of special events and sales. Things like Memorial Day sales, Black Friday sales, and more are all famous for their deep discounts and huge savings.

OPAS Members In The UK Can Get Big Savings By Shopping US Sales And Stores!

So just how much are we talking about in terms of savings, exactly? There’s no way to put a specific number on it since everyone shops differently and shops for different items. For example, recent studies found that a lot of things are cheaper in the US. Let’s use electronics as a basic example here.

According to the numbers:

  • A Samsung TV was $402 more expensive in the UK compared to the US
  • An Apple MacBook was $170 less in the US
  • Microsoft Office Software was $89 cheaper in the US And that’s just electronics.

Designer clothing labels are often as much as 60% less in the US than in the UK – before the big sales that take place throughout the year. In other words, shopping online makes it easy to cut your costs and still get all of the items that you want or need. Whether you’re shopping for electronics, clothing, toys, or something else entirely, taking advantage of the deeper savings in the US is something you can’t afford to ignore.

OPAS members are able to save immediately and use their US address to get the lowest prices possible. We’ll handle the forwarding process for you – you just shop and save. To learn more, contact our team today.

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