OPAS is merging with Planet Express!

OPAS is merging with Planet Express!

After extensive discussions with Planet Express, also in Oregon, our two companies have decided to merge, effective July 11th, 2023.

As an OPAS customer or prospective customer, here are the MANY reasons why this will be better for you:

  • Get a FREE 1-year Planet Express premium account by signing up by August 17, 2023.

  • Lower rate options than ever before!

  • More warehouse options (addresses) to ship to (Oregon, California, and Florida)!

  • More shipping options than ever before!

  • FedEx Delivery Duty Paid shipping option available to many destinations including Japan!

  • Faster processing times! (Registration in a few hours. Shipping in a few hours or max one day!)

  • Free photo of arriving package (shows shipping label/condition of package).

  • Now also buy online from UK websites, all under one membership account.

  • Mail receiving/forwarding at all warehouse locations.

  • Japanese support is available for OPAS Japanese members.

How do I quickly sign up for my FREE 1-year premium account with Planet Express?

Please click HERE to sign-up.

Getting a Free 1-year premium account is a limited-time offer. Everyone who follows the sign-up link on this page by August 17, 2023, will enjoy a FREE 1-year premium account with Planet Express.

With a FREE 1-year premium account, you will continue to enjoy tax-free shopping in the U.S.

When it will happen (for current OPAS members):

  • Last day to make a Ship Request from this location: July 24th, Monday

  • Last day to receive packages at this address: July 27th, Thursday

  • From July 28th, Thursday, all packages will be received at the Planet Express address in Tualatin, Oregon, and registered to your new Planet Express account.

  • All your packages will be registered under your new Planet Express account starting at July 28th. Please, make sure you have signed up with Planet Express before July 28.

  • Since these dates are coming up quickly, please go to your Planet Express portal as soon as possible to get your NEW Planet Express shipping address, and you can use your new Planet Express address to make your purchases.

  • We ask that you STOP using the current OPAS address (6650A NE Mt St Helens Ave) TODAY!

  • As stated above, from July 28th, Friday, all packages will be re-directed to the Planet Express warehouse in Tualatin, Oregon. (This includes all packages delivered by UPS, FedEx, DHL, OnTrac, Amazon, and ALL other delivery and drop-off forms, including Target, Walmart, DoorDash, UberEats, PostMates, and GrubHub.

  • Suppose you DO NOT want to ship your final packages with OPAS, and you would like them to ship from Planet Express. In that case, simply DO NOTHING, and your packages will automatically be transferred to Planet Express for processing later this month.

More information about Planet Express:

For more information about Planet Express services, rates, or anything else related to Planet Express, click HERE.

More information about your old OPAS programs and services:

Please be aware that not all programs and services you enjoyed with your OPAS account will be the same. For more information about what will change, please click HERE.