The OPAS Friends Program – What You Need To Know

OPAS Friends ProgramThe OPAS FRIENDS Program has been revised! Now you can earn free shipping by referring your network to OPAS.

Q: What is the OPAS FRIENDS program?

The OPAS FRIENDS Program is an affiliate program that OPAS uses to provide benefits to those who bring new members and business to OPAS.

In short, when you refer someone to OPAS and they use our shipping service, you will benefit! You will receive 5% of their shipping charges as a credit to your account. You can use this credit for your own OPAS service fees, you can redeem it for Amazon gift cards, or request that OPAS sends you money by PayPal! The more your OPAS FRIENDS ship, more credit you can earn!

Q: What are the new features for the OPAS FRIENDS program?

  • You will be able to redeem your credit not only for OPAS service fees but also to receive Amazon gift cards or PayPal payment!
  • There will be no more expiry date for your credit.
  • You can share personalized links to OPAS’ service by your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Google+), also in email messages or banners on your personal website to try to recruit as many referrals for your OPAS FRIENDS Program listing as possible!

Anyone who signs up for OPAS using your OPAS FRIENDS link will also get FREE REGISTRATION at OPAS and receive a special promo code for a 5% discount off any shipment! If they sign up for our OPAS FRIENDS program and select a basic Package Only account to begin with, your friends won’t be charged by OPAS at all until they begin using our service.

Q: What’s changed from the previous program?

  • The percentage of credit accrued will be a 5% flat rate, and is no longer based on the number of referrals.
  • Credit will be calculated every time a request for one of your OPAS FRIENDS is processed rather than calculated on a monthly basis.
  • There will be a waiting period of 30 days before any credit is eligible to be redeemed.

Q: Where can I review my account credit?

Log in your OPAS account and you will find “Your Credit” link on the left navigation menu. On this page, you will be able to review how much credit is pending or available, and how many OPAS FRIENDS you have.

Q: How can I get my friends to be my OPAS FRIENDS?

Go to the sharing OPAS page from the left side navigation menu in your account manager, and start sharing OPAS service with your friends today! You can select preferred methods from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email and more.

Please refer to our website here or contact OPAS Customer Service at if you have any questions about this program, or anything else.

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